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As our team has grown, an ecosystem of creative ideas has grown around our flagship product, Ninja Forms. Those ideas take different forms (:p), but one of the most consistent ways we’ve been expressing ourselves is through writing and code. Many of our team members now have their own personal blog that focuses on their journey as developers and entrepreneurs. That’s in addition to our company blogs here at wpninjas.com and over at ninjaforms.com.  We’ve also newly christened our developer’s blog, developer.ninjaforms.com, which focuses on the brainstorming and implementation of ideas that drives the evolution of Ninja Forms.

The sum of all this is a whole bunch of new content being published each week that, in the spirit of the WordPress community, we would like to share with you. It’s why we’re doing what we do, after all! From here on out, check back with us each Friday for our WP Ninjas Friday Roundup and a one-stop look at all the content we’ve released that week!

This week we’ll take a brief look at each of our team member’s blogs to get you acquainted, new content or no, and in each successive week we’ll come back just to the new content that’s been posted each week. We’re glad to have you here and welcome the opportunity to help grow the WordPress community!

WP Ninjas Round Up HeaderOur Company Blogs


This is the place for all things Ninja Forms, and content that focuses on web forms in general. We’ve recently been talking about ways to improve your email reliability and explaining the WordPress email functionality, along with articles on form conversion and optimization. You’ll find most recently an interview with Iain Poulson, a Ninja Forms collaborator and freelance developer, and you can look forward to more interviews with the amazing and creative folks that have contributed to Ninja Forms in the near future.


This is a new site that we’ve started to keep you up to date on our progress towards Ninja Forms 3.0 and why we’ve felt compelled to take this sojourn into uncharted but completely awesome territory. Going forward this will be the home of content that focuses more on the nuts and bolts of the code behind the product that others in development may find interesting.


Where did you think you were?

Where did you think you were?

Our Personal Blogs


James is our company cofounder and CEO, the entrepreneurial mind behind our operation. He regularly shares his thoughts on being a small business owner and what the world looks like from his shoes. Most recently he’s published his thought on mission statements, work ethic, and his struggle to endure a whole week in a resort pool in Cabo, Mexico brainstorming with other WordPress masterminds.

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Kevin is our company cofounder as well, and our CTO. He’s the lead figure-er-out-er™?. Unfortunately there’s no content here yet. Bad Kevin. In the future he’ll be sharing his thoughts and techniques on WordPress development and the life of a coding guru in general.


Kyle is our senior developer and all around master tinkerer. He documents his thoughts on code and process here, and has recently published quite a bit on the steps he’s taken towards making Ninja Forms the hands down most amazing form builder for WordPress. And, zombies.


Kenny is our junior developer and one of the most enduringly good natured human beings you’ll ever meet, as documented in glorious detail through our company twitter feed (see #kennyinthewild, @kennyinthewild). Kenny has begun documenting his experiences as a junior developer, and that endeavor is growing into an excellent resource for folks beginning their own paths in development.


Zach is our resident Director of Happiness, the man that handles support for Ninja Forms and does his darndest to keep every customer elated to be a customer. You can find him chronicling his experiences as a support guru here.

I’m thrilled to be able to present to you this growing array of content, and hope that from it you can pull ideas that will enrich your own experience with WordPress, development, and/or life in general. Don’t forget to check back with us every Friday for our WP Ninjas Friday Roundup, where we’ll review the new thoughts, ideas, and epiphanies of our ninja team here for you, along with tips, tricks, strategies and news for WordPress and Ninja Forms. Thanks for reading!

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