WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 9/23

Welcome to the WP Ninjas Friday Roundup! We had a great time at WordCamp Nashville last weekend and, for those of you that went, we hope you did to! We ran into quite a few of you there, which is always one of the most enjoyable aspects of the WordCamps in general. It’s great to actually be able to get out and meet the community that we’re all a part of, and being our home state WordCamp made it all the more awesome. A big thanks to the organizers and everyone that came!

I wouldn’t say that things are exactly quiet around the office as we’re all very engaged with the post-release aspects that accompany any major software release. It is a bit less hectic than the recent past, though. We’re taking a small breather, getting the black circles out from beneath the developers’ eyes, and then bracing to get you the rest of your upgraded extensions ready! We’re angling to meet the self-imposed end-of-year deadline now for upgrading the extensions that didn’t make the cut for the top 16 into 3.0.

As we catch our breath, have a go at this week’s content and we’ll hit the ground running on Monday! Enjoy the roundup!

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That’s it for this week! Have a great weekend and catch you at next week’s roundup. Happy blogging!