WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 9/09 – THREE IS HERE!

Welcome to the Roundup! At long last, THREE is out the door. It’s been literally years in the making: here’s a video of Kevin and James hashing out ideas for THREE back in 2013! The last year has been non-stop development to the exclusion of almost all other projects. We’ve taken longer than expected, but we really do believe THREE has been worth the wait. If you don’t have it in your hands already, get it now and judge for yourself. We hope you’ll love it!

The response THREE has received on social media so far has been heart warming. Seriously, it means a ton to all of us, especially our development team who have worked ridiculous hours over the last several weeks, to see it make the splash that it has so far. Thank you.

If you don’t have plans for next weekend, you should come see us at WordCamp Nashville. It’s our home state WordCamp! We’re sponsoring both the camp and the Saturday night afterparty. There’s a ton of fun ninja swag to be given away, a super secret special giveaway, and all kinds of great talks to listen to. You can find more info at in the WordCamp Nashville article below. Come out and join us!

Next week we should be back on track for regular posting on wpninjas.com. We’ve neglected that a bit in the push for THREE to get out the door. For today, we have plenty of THREE news and new podcasts for you. Enjoy the roundup!

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Thanks for reading and see you at next week’s roundup!