WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 9/02

The Countdown is on! THREE more days to #THREE! Tuesday, September 6th, when the US returns to work from the Labor Day holiday weekend, THREE launches. WP Ninjas content has been on hold this week as we’ve been cranking out articles daily on Ninja Forms. In fact, I almost forgot about the roundup this morning!

Be sure to check out the lead article below. We’ve introduced membership tiers for Ninja Forms that go live next Tuesday as well. You can now become a Ninja Forms member, access our new Builder Pro package, enhanced support, save big on your future extension needs with discounts to all extensions up to 40% off, and more. Check it out!

We do have a ton of great content this week though, much more than usual in fact. We’ll return to the normal schedule for WP Ninjas soon, and get back to the swing of things with podcasts as well. For now though… THREE. It’s almost here!

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All Things #THREE

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Thanks for reading, have a great Labor Day weekend for those of you in the US, and see you next week!