WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 8/05

Welcome to the WP Ninjas Friday Roundup! We are super excited this week to announce the release of Paypal Express 3.0 for Ninja Forms THREE! I imagine no one is quite as excited as our Senior Developer Kyle Johnson, who adopted the task of rewriting it and did the bulk of the work on it up to the finish line. There’s a lot of deliberation that goes into getting these extensions just right for you, and I know at least on two occasions we (and Kyle!) thought this one was a-ok to head out the door to the public before someone inevitably pipped up with “Oh crap guys, we need to do ‘x’ with it first”…. and back to the drawing board it went. Poor Kyle :p

So Paypal is now officially out there in the wild for you to use. Looking at our development plans and listening in on conversations from the development cave, Stripe and Insightly will most likely be the next out of the gates. That looks to be followed up by WebMerge (which our resident development Kenatee Kennyinthewild is taking on) and Conditional Logic, pet project of our CTO Kevin Stover. They’re all sharing the load between them of course, but that’s the shape of things right now.

Keep your eyes peeled for more development updates coming soon in our Ninja Forms newsletter, and scroll to the bottom for the latest in the WordPress world with the WP Ninjas! And now… our content!

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That’s it for this week ladies and gentlemen! We hope you found something to enjoy in this week’s roundup, and until next week, happy blogging! Have a great weekend!