WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 5/27

Welcome to the end of May and the WP Ninjas Friday Roundup! It’s been a quiet week around our offices with little visible movement on the development front, though they’ve been working their typing fingers to the bone nonetheless. That’s how some weeks and development projects in general go, unfortunately. We hope to have more exciting news on that front very soon.

We are excited to say that we’re soon to be escalating our newsletter, which has been somewhat dormant for a while now. We won’t be replacing the roundup, but we will have some great offerings via email coming soon for those of you that want to sign up. For now, here’s this week’s WP Ninjas content!

WP Ninjas RoundUp Header









That’s that for this week! We’ll have more news and content for you next week. Hope you’ve enjoyed, have a great weekend, and as always, happy blogging!