WP Ninjas New Year Roundup 1/8

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since our last roundup as our weekly content geared down for the holidays. Things are back to business as usual around the WP Ninjas Dojo now though, and it’s time to take a look back over the content we put out over the break and just after. There’s not a whole lot on the personal blog front to look at right now, but expect that to change very soon!

A big announcement if you haven’t heard already: Ninja Forms THREE is officially in beta! We are well and truly reinventing the wheel here in the best possible turn of the phrase. Three is awesome! See it for yourself and share your thoughts about it in our Slack channel dedicated to Three discussion.

Now let’s take a look at what we have to share content-wise!

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Our Company Blogs

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2015 – A year in review -wpninjas.com

2015 has been a huge year for the WP Ninjas. Join our CEO James Laws as he takes a look back at a great year and shares some of the important numbers of 2015!

Perfect Timing: When to Send Your Email Marketing Campaigns – ninjaforms.com

The title says it all. There’s been debate for ages about the perfect day of week and time of day to send out email marketing campaigns. Fortunately there’s a considerable amount of research that’s been done on the topic, but the good stuff’s spread out all over the place. Here we collect the best of what’s out there data wise and present it to your here. Take a look here and use that data to optimize sending times for your campaigns!

Automate It All with Ninja Forms and Zapier Integration! -ninjaforms.com

If you haven’t taken a look at Zapier for Ninja Forms, you seriously need to. Using Zapier, you can set up “Zaps” that automate a whole slew of different repetitive tasks that you, your employees, or coworkers may be doing by hand every day. With over 500 applications that Zapier can integrate with, it’s worth taking a look at this article to see what all can be done. Save yourself time and money with automation!

Getting Personal: How Personalized Content Can Benefit Your Email Marketing Strategy – ninjaforms.com

get-smart-300x225The majority of email marketing newsletters I receive go straight to the junk folder if I’ve not already unsubscribed from the list entirely. Why? The majority of offers are for things I have no interest in, no history of interest in, and are simply not relevant to me- and these are from companies I really do love! Here we’re talking about how to avoid falling into that mold yourself with a review of why personalization in email marketing is so important, and how you can implement a personalization strategy that works for you and your customers!

5 Basic Security Steps to Keep Your WordPress Website Safe – wpninjas.com

WordPress is growing, and so are malicious attacks against WordPress websites. If you haven’t taken measures to protect yourself from individuals with less than stellar intentions, you should do so now. This write-up goes over some of the basic steps you can take to minimize your risk.

Login Limits for WordPress: Shoring up the Castle Gates – wpninjas.com

Still on the topic of security, this article addresses brute force attacks and how you can discourage these kinds of attacks on your WordPress website. As the frequency of this type of attack increases, it becomes more and more important that you take measures to prevent them. Look inside for how!

[clickToTweet tweet=”51% of hacked WordPress websites are exploited through a security issue in either a theme or plugin” quote=”51% of hacked WordPress websites are exploited through a security issue in either a theme or plugin”]

Chain of Events: 2.9.29 – 2.9.33 – developer.ninjaforms.com

Back in December we released a patch in response to a minor security issue that had been brought to our attention in Ninja Forms. While the issue was minor, our patch went just a wee bit overboard and caused some problems for some of our users. Our Senior Developer Kyle Johnson talks about the details of that here with the nature of the problem, our intended solution, a timeline of events, and lessons learned. It’s a pretty interesting case study in overzealous security patches! Many apologies to those affected.

Example Extension Base Class – developer.ninjaforms.com

Ninja Forms Three is now in beta! Our Senior Developer Kyle Johnson talks about an example extension base class provided with the beta release here. If you’re interested in development at all, this is some fun stuff.

Our Personal Blogs

Constructors! Injections in Disguise (My Explanation of Constructor Injection) – kennyinthewild.com

Our Junior Developer Kenny Hall flies solo in this edition of the roundup with the only personal blog post that made it to publication over the holidays! Here he talks about using constructor injection to avoid hardcoding dependencies. It’s a really neat and useful skill to know, especially for up and coming developers, and is a plain fun read to boot.

ConstructiconsThat’s it for this week! Check back next week and we will hopefully have some new personal blog content, but to tell the truth everyone around here is working so hard on getting Ninja Forms Three out of beta it’s going to be a trick. One way or the other though, we’ll get you set with some good reading. I’m out now to go watch The Force Awakens for the fourth time. Have a great Friday!