WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 12/4

Welcome back to the Friday Roundup! Things have been a little slow around here content wise due to the US Thanksgiving holiday, but since we took a week off from the roundup last week we still have a collection of great content to share. And of course, the march towards Ninja Forms 3.0 Beta continues with regular Alpha installments. For you US readers, I hope you all had a great Turkey Day, and let’s get to reviewing!

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Our Company Blogs

Three Alpha 3 Pertwee and Three Alpha 4 Baker – developer.ninjaforms.com

Work continues on the Ninja Forms 3.0 Alpha with the intention of rolling into Beta by the end of the year. Previous to this update we presented for your purview basic form building features,  form previews, and the brand new to WordPress undo manager. In the two updates over the Thanksgiving holiday we have introduced to 3.0 Alpha the Emails and Actions tab and a new Advanced tab. Check out how these features shape the evolution of 3.0!

Post Excerpt vs Read More Tag! Upsides, Downsides, and How To’s – wpninjas.com

[clickToTweet tweet=”Work continues on the Ninja Forms 3.0 Alpha, planning to roll into Beta by the end of the year!” quote=”Work continues on the Ninja Forms 3.0 Alpha, planning to roll into Beta by the end of the year!”]

WordPress gives you two primary options for displaying abbreviated teasers of your posts: Post Excerpts and the Read More Tag. Both of them are really similar, so how do you know which one fits your needs? Check out this article and we’ll go into depth on each and outline pros and cons of both!

12 Plugins That Will Make Your Posts Even More Awesome! – wpninjas.com

The vanilla WordPress posting experience is top of the line. No questions there. But, the beauty of WordPress is its extendability through plugins, and there are plenty of great ones out there that will add features to the Add New Post/Post Editing screen and really up your game when sharing content. Join us here to see some of the highlights of what’s out there!

5 Features of Our Multi-Part Forms Extension That You Don’t Want to Miss! – ninjaforms.com

multi-part-formsWe might just be tooting our own horn a little bit here, but Multi-Part Forms really is a great plugin. If you’re not familiar with it and you’ve ever had need of a form that runs over the recommended 3-5 fields, you seriously need to check this out. Multi-Part Forms has a variety of features that will make your longer forms much more user-friendly and really boost your form conversion rates.

A Black Friday Sales Update? – ninjaforms.com

We don’t offer Black Friday sales on Ninja Forms. That may sound a little Scrooge-ish to some, and we’re conscious of that potential misperception. Our mission at WP Ninjas is to lift up the WordPress community and offer a great form building solution at an affordable rate, and our thoughts on Black Friday sales follow that mission. Our CEO James explains the rationale behind this decision and how helps us offer you the best value year round.

Turn Forms Into Digital Documents with WebMerge and Ninja Forms! – ninjaforms.com

[clickToTweet tweet=”Turn forms into digital documents with WebMerge and Ninja Forms!” quote=”Turn forms into digital documents with WebMerge and Ninja Forms!”]

There’s no doubt about it, record keeping is going digital. If you’re still in an office that primarily keeps paper records, you’re in a quickly vanishing minority. However, those paper records that we did keep are likely to be in a format that evolved over a good long time to optimally fit the needs of your staff. That can make going digital a real headache. We have aspirin for that! With the WebMerge extension for Ninja Forms, you can collect data online via a Ninja Form and have that data automatically populate a document of your choosing! Come see how!

Our Personal Blogs

Humble Rocks and Landing Soft – jameslaws.com

James reminds us to keep our business eyes on the road (or sidewalk, as it were) with a skateboarding analogy he picked up from his teenage years. It’s a pretty impressive feat in my view, as all I was able to pick up from skateboarding was a couple of cracked ribs and an enormous bruise. Nonetheless, this is a really quick but potent read if you’re an entrepreneur.

Calypso and the Future of WordPress – kstover.codes

Here our CTO Kevin Stover contemplates the future of WordPress after the introduction of the JavaScript coded, 100% API powered admin UI for WordPress. He talks about the implications of moving to “JavaScript infinity and beyond” and the general impact of Calypso on development for WordPress. It’s a very interesting read, and if you’re looking for a well thought out take on the impacts of Calypso’s introduction to the WordPress community from a professional dev, you’ll find it here.

That does it for this week! Check back next Friday with us for more great content from the WP Ninjas team, and have a great weekend!