WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 12/11

Welcome back to the Friday Roundup! As usual we have loads of great content to share from across our business and personal sites. Take a minute to browse around and see what you like, and without further ado the WP Ninjas team brings you…

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Our Company Blogs

A “What’s Happening” Update for Ninja Forms – ninjaforms.com

There has been a ton of activity surrounding Ninja Forms lately. From heaps of really great 5 star reviews on wordpress.org (which we really appreciate!) to our moving up in the list of most popular WordPress and GoDaddy plugins, we have been loving the feedback we’ve been getting from all of you. In 3 months, we’ve moved from 69th to 58th in the repo, and we’ve even actually moved 3 more spots since this article was published! Thanks to all of you, and don’t miss those stories and more inside!

Email Marketing Frequency: Finding Your Balance – ninjaforms.com

[clickToTweet tweet=”Optimal email marketing frequency: what’s too much or too little? Let us help you find your sweet spot!” quote=”Optimal email marketing frequency: what’s too much or too little? Let us help you find your sweet spot!”]

How often you should send email marketing material has been a subject of debate for many years. It’s been a fairly polarizing conversation to boot, with strong advocates for daily emailing on one end and cautious testimonials that email flooding motivates unsubscribers on the other. After copious amounts of researching numbers to use in optimizing our own email marketing, we’ve come to the conclusion that the answer is really a highly situational one depending on your business and your customers. There are a number of general guidelines you can use to help you determine what works best for you, and some pitfalls to be avoided. Read about them here!

Easy Digital Downloads: Download All the Things! – wpninjas.com

Pippin Williamson is a man of many talents, from brewing to carpentry to developing. His WordPress plugin Easy Digital Downloads is a fantastic tool for retailing digital merchandise. It’s the platform we use to make Ninja Forms available to our users, and if you have a digital product then this highly tailored plugin is something you need to be familiar with. Check it out!

edd-ios-1Our Personal Blogs

How We Use Ninja Forms and Desk.com to Prioritize High Value Customers – zach.support

Our customer service and support guru Zach lays out the system we use for support, and how we prioritize our different member levels. Desk.com has allowed us to really up our game in support, and that’s something that we feel is absolutely mission critical. If we’re not taking care of our people, we’re not meeting our standards for what a company ought to be. Come hear Zach’s breakdown of our support system, and especially if you’re in the support business yourself this is going to be a great read.

Time to (Back)Bone Up – kylebjohnson.me

Last week we all gathered around our conference (ping pong) table to watch Matt Mullenweg deliver his State of the Word. Our senior developer Kyle Johnson reflects on that and the new direction of WordPress and JavaScript. Find his musings on the topic here!

[clickToTweet tweet=”I’d like to make the case that Backbone is a great fit for WordPress developers. -Kevin Stover” quote=”I’d like to make the case that Backbone is a great fit for WordPress developers. -Kevin Stover”]

Backbone vs React: Selecting the Best WordPress JS Framework – kstover.codes

WordPress moving from PHP to Javascript, it raises a big question for developers: what’s the best way to prepare? What framework or JS library should our JS education focus on? When posed that question in the State of the Word’s Q&A portion, Mullenweg mentioned React. In this post, our CTO Kevin Stover speaks to the possible use of React in WordPress’ future, and also makes a case for Backbone being a great fit for. Come see the pros and cons of both here!

Fist Full of Support – kennyinthewild.com

In the continuing adventures of our junior developer Kenny Hall, we hear more here about his journey learning PHP and WordPress.  He talks about the his experiences learning to ask the right questions to advance his skill level as a developer, and the value of contributing to the development community through helping users on support forums. If you’re an up and coming developer yourself, this is a fantastic read. Even if you’re not, it gives some very cool perspective. Check him out!

That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading and we hope all your holiday preparations are going smoothly! 🙂