WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 12/02

Welcome to the roundup! We were on hiatus roundup-wise last week for the US Thanksgiving holiday, so we have a bit of extra content to share with you today. We hope all of our US readers had a fun turkey day, and the same to those of you the rest of the world over as well, minus the turkey. Unless you’re just into eating turkey. I prefer pineapple ham myself, but I digress.

We’re in year-end mode around the office, analyzing where we are with the remainder of our non-3.0 compatible plugins. Our goal is still to have them ready for you by year’s end, though we have admittedly become a bit gun-shy on proclaiming deadlines. Quality software development takes on a timeline of its own at times, and we’re not going to force a product out before it’s ready. We will absolutely make them available asap, though. Our CEO and CTO have also been plotting direction for the coming year, and while I can’t speak a whisper of things to come right now, there are big things on the horizon. If you haven’t already, hop into the Ninja Forms newsletter to stay abreast of coming events.

Without further ado, here’s this week’s (and a bit of last’s) WP Ninjas content roundup!

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That’s it for this week! We hope you’ve found something you’ve enjoyed, and we’ll see you at next week’s roundup!