WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 1/20

Welcome to the WP Ninjas Friday Roundup! We’re excited to announce the release of PDF Form Submissions and CleverReach into our version 3.0 compatible library! PDF Form Submissions lets you attach PDF copies of every form submission to the email notifications that go out when your form submits. CleverReach is a popular email marketing and newsletter tool that many of you have been waiting on. Both have been a part of our version 2.9 library for a long time and we’re excited to make them available to you now for 3.0!

Look for more extension upgrades right around the corner, as well as the premiere of our new User Management extension coming soon.  For content this week we have an update to an older article walking you through how to make coupon codes in Ninja Forms 2.9- this updates ports that process into 3.0. We also take a look at a few WordPress plugins that give you the power to add fully interactive, 360 degree rotatable images to your product pages (and elsewhere)! Check it all out below and have a great weekend!

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Coupon Codes: How to Offer a Discount with Ninja Forms

[clickToTweet tweet=”Draw attention and traffic to your #WordPress product or service with coupon codes using Ninja Forms!” quote=”Draw attention and traffic to your #WordPress product or service with coupon codes using Ninja Forms!”]

Offering coupon codes is a great way to draw attention to your WordPress product or service. If you’re using Ninja Forms as part of your website’s commerce package, you’re in luck! Adding coupon codes to your forms has never been easier than what I’m about to show you. Unlimited discount codes, discounts as a percentage or a flat rate, whatever you want to offer, you can. Let’s look at how!


3 Fascinating Plugins for Beautiful, 360o Product Images

[clickToTweet tweet=”Full 360 deg rotatable product images? Easy in #WordPress. Check it out!” quote=”Full 360 deg rotatable product images? Easy in #WordPress. Check it out!”]

I love it when
I go to an online store and can play with the product images. Getting to physically see, touch, and assess the product you’re about to buy is the one thing that’s really missing in the online environment from the retail store experience. 2D product images can only go so far in compensating for that. Interactive images take that experience and make it better. How much more awesome are rotatable, 360o product images?

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Game of the Year 2016: Round 1 Winners

[clickToTweet tweet=”Explore the greatest games of 2016 on hardlycausal.net!” quote=”Explore the greatest games of 2016 on hardlycausal.net!”]

Here is our list of the Round 1 winners. You may notice not ever category has a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. We strongly felt that some categories had a winner so strong, no 2nd, or 3rd place winner was needed, being that we at Hardly Casual dance to the beat of our own drum, we hope you understand this decision. ?

That’s it for this week’s roundup! Have a fantastic weekend and see you soon!