WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 11/20

Another week of content has flown by for this issue of the WP Ninjas Friday Roundup, and as usual we have exciting things to share! Most notably, the Ninja Forms 3.0 Alpha has been updated to Alpha 2 Troughton with incredible new features never before seen in the WordPress form building space. We’ll look at that and more below!

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Our Company Blogs

Three Alpha 2 Troughton – developer.ninjaforms.com

Update two to our Ninja Forms 3.0 Alpha is ready with more on the way! As stated earlier, we aim to have an updated version of the Alpha every monday, so keep checking back with us on developer.ninjaforms.com if you want to stay up to speed on changes. This week our development team injected a feature never before seen in WordPress forms: the ability for line-item or bulk undoing. Reverse changes made to your form as specific as a single list item change to as broad as everything you’ve done since your last save, all from the convenience of a drawer tailored to the purpose. This is a must-see!

[clickToTweet tweet=”Learn how to make the most of every post with the WP Ninja’s Add New Post Screen tutorial!” quote=”Learn how to make the most of every post with the WP Ninja’s Add New Post Screen tutorial!”]

Understanding the Add New Post Screen in WordPress – wpninjas.com

Whether you are new to posting in WordPress or a journeyman blogger, the feature rich Post Editing/Add New Post screen has such a wealth of features that it’s easy to miss some. Here we take a look at the Add New Post screen, breaking it down into sections and then analyzing each feature within those sections. Take a look for sure if you’re still learning, and even you more experienced bloggers may discover something new!

Increase Your Sales Numbers Now with Lead Magnets and Ninja Forms! – ninjaforms.com

Email marketing remains the premier method of reaching out to potential customers and maintaining relationships with established ones. The more you are able to reach out and the more effective your methods, the bigger your bottom line is going to be. In this installment at ninjaforms.com, we look at lead magnets: a method of generating leads that any serious business needs to be proficient at employing for themselves. Read more here!

Our Personal Blogs

The AMD Design Pattern, Part 1 – kstover.codes

[clickToTweet tweet=”The temptation to create a bunch of jQuery spaghetti is very real. ~Kevin Stover” quote=”The temptation to create a bunch of jQuery spaghetti is very real. ~Kevin Stover”]

As a fan of the computer hardware company, I was excited to see this title pop up in my workflow. Just to get that out of the way, this has nothing to do with Advanced Micro Devices. It is, however, a really neat read despite that. Kevin talks about the advantages of compartmentalizing the code that he writes into discrete units called modules, hence Asynchronous Module Definition, or AMD. Read about his philosophy on organization in coding and his methodology for adhering to his own (very high) standards here.

Git Tags: How Do They Work? – kennyinthewild.com

Kenny has magnets figured out, but he wasn’t quite as sure about Github tags. So, he wrote an article about it. Here Kenny launches into an explanation of how to put Github tags to work for you, for… all the things you want to tag.

How Much Should A Product Cost? – jameslaws.com

One of the most complex decisions a business owner can face is determining the price of their product in their market. Our CEO James picks apart the thought processes that led us to the current pricing for Ninja Forms, speaks to the evolution of pricing Ninja Forms has underwent from the earliest days of the product to now, and also shares some great advice he’s gotten along the way. If you’re not 100% happy with the way your products are currently priced, this could be a very beneficial read for you!

That’s the Roundup for this week, folks. Hope you’ve found something of interest and see you next week!