WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 11/13

Welcome to this week’s Friday Roundup! We have a load of great content to review this week, but before we get into it all, I’d like to take a moment to point you towards a super exciting development for WP Ninjas: Ninja Forms 3.0 Alpha!

Our development team has been working practically around the clock for the past several weeks to get what we’ve been working on into a package that our users can finally play with. Be warned, it’s a very early-release alpha version without most of the functionality that will be in the final version, but oh man is it exciting. We’ve completely overhauled our user interface and it. is. gorgeous. Head over to developer.ninjaforms.com to read more about it and get yourself a copy if you’re so inclined!

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Our Company Blogs

WordPress: Now Serving 25% of the Web! – wpninjas.com

5641870367_0f3db84c65_bWordPress is moving on up! If you visit a website, there’s now a 25% chance- one in every four websites – that it’s powered by WordPress. We now own 25% of the market, and we’re growing fast. Chances are you don’t grasp just how fast WordPress is growing: to be perfectly honest, I didn’t either until I started researching this article. Check out the numbers in this article and see for yourself!

Newsletters and Ninja Forms: Start Building Mailing Lists Through Ninja Forms Today! – ninjaforms.com

If you already take advantage of newsletters to serve your users, Ninja Forms offers you integration and extensibility that you may not realize you had at your disposal. If you don’t use newsletters as a marketing tool, get with the program! 🙂 We’ll talk about newsletters as an email marketing tool, compare their effectiveness to social media marketing (newsletters are better), and show you what and how Ninja Forms can upgrade your email marketing ability considerably.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Ninja Forms 3.0 is in early-release alpha and we’d love to hear your opinion of the UI! Check it out! ” quote=”Ninja Forms 3.0 is in early-release alpha and we’d love to hear your opinion of the UI! Check it out! “]

Our Personal Blogs

Have you met the WP-CLI? – kylebjohnson.me

Kyle introduces us here to the WP-CLI. That’s short for WordPress Command Line Interface, a nifty tool for developers and system administrators for installing, activating, and deactivating plugins, as well as downloading, configuring, and installing WordPress itself. If you’re interested in learning about or extending WP-CLI, there’s where you need to be!


Preview Form Sandboxing – developer.ninjaforms.com

Kyle continues to innovate with preview pages. Last week on his personal blog he introduced the new preview page concept for Ninja Forms 3.0. Here he talks about the background details behind the concept he discussed there. You can find both articles following the link above. Technically minded people should find this one really interesting!

Support Lessons from Daniel Tiger – Part 2 – “Grownups are there” – zach.support

Miss_Elania-e1447341144141-150x148Zach continues a thought process that he began last week in this one. It’s him sharing an epiphany he had about support while watching a children’s show with his daughter, and it’s really very insightful and inspiring. Here he talks about the importance of having a clear and obvious, open channel of communication to support staff when you need one. Check it out!

## is_int() vs is_numeric( $this->time = “Personal!” ) – kennyinthewild.com

No, this isn’t an 80’s movie script title written by a developer. It’s just a really awesome title for an article about development, written by one of our developers! Kenny breaks down the functions is_int() and is_numeric() here. He talks about when to use them, how to use them, and provides some awesome examples. If you’re a development beginner, this is a great article to remove any fuzz you might have in your mind about these two functions.

[clickToTweet tweet=”is_int() vs is_numeric( $this->time = Personal! ), find dev musings and more in our Friday Roundup!” quote=”is_int() vs is_numeric( $this->time = Personal! ), find dev musings and more in our Friday Roundup!”]

That’s it for this week. I hope you’ve found something fun and useful in this week’s lineup, and are looking forward to a great week ahead. Have a lucky Friday the 13th!