WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 11/06

Welcome to the November 6th edition of the WP Ninjas Friday Roundup! As our team has grown, an ecosystem of creative ideas has grown around our flagship product, Ninja Forms. Those ideas take different forms (ha, ha…), but one of the most consistent ways we’ve been expressing ourselves is through writing and code. A number of personal blogs have grown up as an outlet of that expression, in addition to our regular company blogs at wpninjas.com, ninjaforms.com, and developer.ninjaforms.com.

In this week’s roundup we’ll review the new content on each of those blogs, and also offer you up a treat from one of our Happiness Ninjas, Devin Balram. Devin, in addition to having a knack for providing awesome customer support, has also acquired some pretty seriously amazing musical talents. Check us out!

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Our Company Blogs

A Google Analytics UI Overview: Build a Better Website Today! – wpninjas.com

The Google Analytics UI can be overwhelming and intimidating for new users. It’s an incredible tool though for the success of any website, offering a wealth of information that would be a shame to miss out on. Google does provide a guided tour of sorts for first time users in the form of help-style dialogue called Analytics Education. This writeup will guide you through the interface and, in conjunction with the Analytics Education feature, introduce you to the basics of Google Analytics while bringing other more advanced features to your attention. Don’t miss it!

6 Clever Uses for Conditional Logic in Your Ninja Forms! – ninjaforms.com

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 9.16.06 AMIf you’ve never used Conditional Logic for Ninja Forms, you seriously need to check this out. Conditional Logic opens up a whole new range of options for crafting a web form, and is an invaluable tool for improving the conversion rates of forms. This article explores different ways that Conditional Logic can be put to work to greatly improve user experience on your website today!

Front-End Extensibility: Dynamic Content – developer.ninjaforms.com

Here our CTO ponders the challenges of moving to a front-end JS templating system and its impact on users’ ability to inject dynamic content into their forms. A NyQuil fueled epiphany led to much discussion and the birth of a solution for dynamic templating. See how here!

[clickToTweet tweet=”A NyQuil fueled epiphany led to much discussion and the birth of a solution for dynamic templating.” quote=”A NyQuil fueled epiphany led to much discussion and the birth of a solution for dynamic templating.”]

Our Personal Blogs

A Step into the Unknown with the WordPress Transient API – kennyinthewild.com

Kenny relates his experiences learning about transients, which apparently are not vagrants or vagabonds as I had first imagined. The way transients are handled in WordPress can be confusing and cause transients you think you’re storing to be lost if you don’t do it properly. Kenny details how he wraps his head around them and the proper way to handle transients here.

12118864_1157820484247925_5581323952429059470_nA Wild Kenny Appears (My Journey to Becoming a WordPress Developer) – kennyinthewild.com

Kenny went wild this week (see what I did there?) with two different posts. This one chronicles his journey up to and upon entering the development field. He talks about pitfalls along the way and how he dealt with them, and offers some advice for others following a similar path. It’s a really neat read!

Using RequireJS and Backbone Radio With WordPress Enqueued JS – kstover.codes

Sometimes problems with the simplest of solutions can take us the longest amount of time to solve. It’s like lost car keys: you know they’re there somewhere, but it takes you 15 minutes to find the darn things laying out in the open on your coffee table. Kevin has one of those experiences which he relates here, but with Backbone Radio trying to load Backbone and Underscore unsuccessfully. The solution was a simple three lines of code, but the time it took him to get there was a real pain. He shares his experience here in the hopes that it will prevent others from going through the same ordeal!

Support Lessons from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – “When we do something new, let’s talk about what we’ll do!” – zach.support

[clickToTweet tweet=”Most users aren’t experts in the product, yet too many support agents treat them as if they should be.” quote=”Most users aren’t experts in the product, yet too many support agents treat them as if they should be.”]

Zach explores the philosophy behind good customer support with a clever correlation to the popular childrens TV show, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. I’ll let this excerpt speak for itself to the content of the post: “Most times our users are not experts in the product (if they were, they wouldn’t need us!) yet far too many support agents treat their users as if they should be… What if instead we treated our users like students…students so engaged and willing to learn that they seek out knowledge from the source?”

Free is Not a Feature, It’s a Mission – jameslaws.com

When we’re discussing Ninja Forms on social media, we occasionally mention the fact that it’s free. Ninja Forms is in fact a freemuim plugin, with the core functionality and support offered to the community at zero cost while offering paid extensions. There are sometimes misperceptions about what we mean when we say that we offer a free plugin even while we charge for extensions. Our CEO James addresses that matter here with a great explanation of our belief about what it means to be part of a community, our values, and our mission to bring a high quality, zero cost form solution to all those who need one.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Free is not a feature. It’s a mission.” quote=”Free is not a feature. It’s a mission.”]

Devin Balram / Weak Sometimes

Devin Balram is one of our support ninjas and all around really creative kind of guy. He not only makes some pretty great coffee, which has become writing and coding fuel for all of us around the office, but he also makes some really neat music, too! This is his most recent single featuring an also very talented Holley Mayer. Give it a listen and if you like it so much you want to take it with you, you can find it on Spotify and iTunes too!

We are very excited about the content that we are generating here at WP Ninjas and around our company & personal blogosphere, and hope that you are finding at the very least some of it useful in your own sphere. Do not hesitate to give us feedback, and if there’s anything in particular you’d like addressed, run it by us and we’ll look into it. Have a great weekend and check back with us every Friday for a rundown of the week’s content and news!