WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 1/06

Welcome to the WP Ninjas Friday Roundup, and welcome to 2017! We’ve been on roundup hiatus for a couple weeks now over the holidays, so there’s a bunch of great new articles to explore. We’ve finished up our 3-part series on writing CSS for your WordPress website, tackled whether or not you really need Google Recaptcha, explored interactive images, user testimonials, and more. You’ll just have to check it all out below!

Most exciting, we’ve begun re-launching the extensions that didn’t make the initial cut into 3.0 compatibility. Excel Export has made it out the gates already and we’re close on quite a few more. We’ve also introduced two never before seen offerings in Twilio and ClickSend that replace our now sunset Text Message Notifications extension! Look for a great deal more of these in the near future.

I’ll leave it at that for this week- there’s a whole lot of new stuff below for you to browse at your leisure. All of us here at the WP Ninjas hope you had a fantastic holiday season and are looking forward to a spectacular 2017!

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That’s it for now- we look forward to bringing you tons of great new content in 2017, and you can find it all right here! See you next Friday!