WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 10/30

Welcome to the October 30th edition of the WP Ninjas Friday Roundup! As our team has grown, an ecosystem of creative ideas has grown around our flagship product, Ninja Forms. Those ideas take different forms (ha, ha…), but one of the most consistent ways we’ve been expressing ourselves is through writing and code.

As we said last week when we previewed this new series, many of our team members now have their own personal blog that focuses on their journey as developers and entrepreneurs. That’s in addition to our regular company blogs at wpninjas.com, ninjaforms.com, and developer.ninjaforms.com. For a comprehensive list of all the sites where we’re publishing content, feel free to hop over there and pin a bookmark. Here today (and in the weeks to come) we’ll be looking at what’s new on each of those sites. Feel free to join us anytime!

WP Ninjas Round Up HeaderOur Company Blogs

Perfecting Your Workflow with Trello – wpninjas.com

Here we look at an invaluable tool around the office place, Trello. We walk through what Trello is, what it looks like and how it functions at a basic level, and how we put it to work for us. It’s honestly one of the most clever workflow management tools out there, and chances are it beats whatever method you use right now. Check it out!

Ninja Forms Collaborating Developer: Stuart Sequeira – ninjaforms.com

c407be969ae2660cc7b4ff21dc6bb576This is an interview with, as the title suggests, Stuart Sequeira. Stuart is CEO of LB3 Computing Solutions, a company dedicated to providing small business computer technical support. He’s also a WordPress plugin author and a collaborating developer for Ninja Forms, having written a whopping seven extensions for us. Be sure to check him out, and while you’re at it don’t miss the first of our collaborating developer series from last week with Iain Poulson!

Form Templating – developer.ninjaforms.com

Our CTO Kevin gets technical here with some details on upcoming changes to Ninja Forms with 3.0. We’re introducing field templating, an approach that will make Ninja Forms 3.0 more customizable and easier to modify than existing WordPress form solutions.

This website is one that we have recently pushed live and is undergoing development of its own. We’ve recently included an About page that communicates our vision for developer.ninjaforms.com, a podcast tab that will serve as a showcase for our 3.0 podcasts,  and also a codex for 2.9x deprecation and 3.x API. Check back regularly as this site grows!
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Our Personal Blogs

Why I’m Glad I’m Not a Solo Founder – jameslaws.com

James speaks here on the responsibilities and reward of running a business and why he’s glad to have someone to share them with. He opens up and shares his story here, and we’d all like to hear yours as well. Head over there and give it a read, and we look forward to hearing other perspectives from around the community

Get on the Message Bus! – kstover.codes

Good for carrying messages to the Grateful Dead

Good for carrying messages to the Grateful Dead

Kevin talks telephones, buses, and code. Messages buses, apparently, are a way for discrete parts of a program to communicate with each other without being aware of the existence of any other components than itself. Ghosts may or may not be involved. For those of you that are more code savvy than I am, this is a great technical read, and the rest of us just may learn something from it. Kevin also demonstrates excellent musical taste in this article simultaneous to a profoundly abysmal lack of taste in American football teams.

The Invisible Preview Page – kylebjohnson.me

Kye has solved one of the headaches of our current technical environment. When you preview a page in the current iteration of Ninja Forms, we have to generate a new page for you to view as the preview page. That’s creating content on your website that you may not want there, and that’s a problem as we see it. Kyle has figured out a way to generate page previews without creating a new page, and shares his discovery here.

Method Chaining – kennyinthewild.com

Kenny continues his journey as a new developer in the wild here with a summary of his recent experiences with method chaining. He explains in basic terms how to invoke multiple method calls in object oriented programming.

Sustainable Support -5S- Sort – zach.support

Zach is perpetually looking for ways to make our support queue more effective and efficient, and this article is a reflection of that process. Here he writes on an organizational methodology called 5S and addresses its first tenant, Sorting. He addresses the need to assess how your organization structures its support chain and sort out/prioritize a method which other channels will then be funneled through. It’s a pretty neat read!

19fordsyvmfrbpngWe are very excited about the content that we are generating here at WP Ninjas and around our company & personal blogosphere, and hope that you are finding at the very least some of it useful in your own sphere. Do not hesitate to give us feedback, and if there’s anything in particular you’d like addressed, run it by us and we’ll look into it. Have a great weekend and check back with us every Friday for a rundown of the week’s content and news!

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