WP Ninjas are going dark in protest to SOPA / PIPA

I could write all day about why this protest is important but better people than I have already done so, so instead of reinventing the wheel I will list some resources for you to check out.

The main point is this. Tomorrow, January 18th at 8AM until 8PM wpninjas.com will be unavailable. We will simply display a message and info about the protest. Many, many other sites a lot larger than us will also be participating so don’t be surprised if some sites that you frequent are unavailable. This will demonstrate the kind of internet that these two pieces of legislature will offer. Below is a video and some links to educate yourself on the issue at hand.

For customers of the WP Ninjas, there will be a link for you to log-in and get support if needed so this should not affect you in any way.