WordPress multisites can be an interesting adventure to say the least. I started with multisite back before the merger into WordPress 3.0. It was a complicated mess and easy to break if you didn’t know what you were doing. Actually it was pretty easy to break even if you did.

Nowadays a WordPress multisite is actually pretty easy to get up and running. The steps are well documented and there is plenty of support available. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few barriers or snags along the way. If only there were some sort of easy to follow manual to keep you away from the common pitfalls.

There actually is. Mika A Epstein (aka ipstenu) in collaboration with Andrea Rennick (aka andrea_r) just recently released WordPress Multisite 101. I’ve read through it and it’s single handily the only Multisite resource you need.

Download WordPress Multisite 101 Now!

And while you are there please make a donation. Not only do they offer this great resource for free, both of these people also donate their time and serve in the WordPress.org forums. I know they’ve both helped me several times.


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