Welcome Kevin Brown to the Team

It’s been like a whirl wind around here among the WP Ninjas. We’re rushing to get the alpha of Ninjas Forms 2.0 ready for some initial testing (This project is taking a lot longer than we’ve anticipated or desired), working on some side projects, and now we’re looking to expand our operations. Let me explain…

A few years ago we used to take on client projects solely. The problem was it was difficult communicating with clients while also trying to keep our focus on the development of the project. 99.9% of the time developers make awful project coordinators. At least that seemed true for us. So we decided we would stick with building stuff for ourselves and then releasing as we deemed appropriate. Well, the development, sale, and support of plugins is here to stay. We love the process and helping people use our plugins to take their own projects to new levels. We are simply adding WordPress design, development, and consultation for clients back into focus.

Introducing Kevin Brown or KBR for short

KBR is not a developer but he knows websites and he knows what works and what doesn’t. His main background is in advertising, marketing, social media, and customer relations. He will be handling all communications on individual client projects and making sure that every client is 100% thrilled with the end result that we provide.

Not only that but KBR will be joining our blog and writing about all thinks tech and business. We trust that you will benefit greatly from his articles and we look forward to seeing the content he’ll be producing here on wpninjas.com.

All this is to say that over the next several weeks you will be seeing some changes on the website to include this increased vision for the WP Ninjas and hopefully a lot more content. And if you have a website or any web project that you need assistance with, just let us know and KBR will reach out to you.

These are exciting times for the WP Ninjas and we are happy to welcome Kevin Brown as the 3rd WP Ninja on the team.