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  1. says

    I watched/listened to it all :)

    Great to keep hearing your thoughts on this. It’s been useful hearing a lot of discussion about this from a lot of different people, especially as I think we’ll need to migrate to something more sustainable in the coming months.


    • James Laws says

      Awesome! Your prize will be in the mail shortly. 😉

      I think there conversations are important to have. We are starting to find our sweet spot in support and I think in some ways we just got lucky and found what works for us. It remains to be seen whether the pay-per-ticket model will be as successful as I think it can be but we’ll keep reporting on it as we go.

  2. says

    I watched it all too =)

    Good stuff. Looking forward for more great extensions as you get the support in line and also work out which to bill and not to bill =)

  3. says

    This was an excellent video and incredibly informative. I agree it is hard to provide free unlimited support on an ongoing basis. I also appreciate that you recognize and are very sensitive to how the change should be made, especially for providing for some discovery time, so that a user is not hit with a paid support ticket, especially when it is a known or simple issue (i.e. bullets in the breadcrumbs) to resolve.

    This makes me a fan of WP-Ninjas even more. Your perspective on support tickets are actually very refreshing, free feedback for growth and maturity and the user base will gladly help with that. We want the product to succeed. I recently noticed a need that I needed integration with woocommerce. I am hesitant to lay down money for a whole new form application when if I am just patient, I can continue to build on what I already have.

    Keep up the good work, guys! And hurry, to give the woocommerce integration out soon! Please. :-)

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