The WP Ninjas are making some changes

I know everyone is highly anticipating the release of Ninja Forms 2.0. Kevin is working hard in it as I type and we hope to start making much faster progress as the rewrite has taken so much longer than we ever wanted it to take. That being said, Ninja Forms isn’t the only thing that’s changing.

We have many more plugins coming around the corner. Plugins like a complete rewrite of Ninja Galleries with some pretty awesome features, Ninja Newsletters for mailing lists, and Ninja Core our WordPress theme framework. But before we release any of that we are working on a brand new website.

When we started this site was taken by a site that wasn’t doing anything with it, well just recently we were able to acquire that domain and so we will be switching everything over with a completely new redesign. I’m working on it now and can’t wait to release it but I though I’d give you a sneak peak at the art direction.

In the image below the first ninja was the style we started with when we began WP NInjas. The second two sketches are our new direction.

Ninja Review

This is just a sample but there will be tons of functionality enhancements as well. More to come.