Crossing the Border From WordPress to Tumblr

If you’re a WordPress user and still use Tumblr to make posts, it appears you no longer have to switch over to publish on both. WordPress has included a Publicize option where you can now link your Tumblr account and share your posts on both sites.

This is important because as Matt Mullenweg puts it, “WordPress has fantastic content that people on Tumblr love, and Tumblr has a rich and diverse content and curation community that can drive new visitors to WordPress.” (

In last weeks post I wrote about how WordPress is for the professional, Tumblr is for the new professional. As diverse as the two are they are both highly similar in that it is content driven and filled with creative minds. The merging of the two with little hassle is great for anyone. If you are a business you can now publish to both sites easily and get your content read by different audiences. If you are a blogger or there personally, you now have more creative minds taking in your content and spreading it.

This sharing option is a great connecter to what seemed like a giant border line. There seemed to always be a dividing line between the two free blog hosting sites. That border line is still there, but this just gives you a passport through the line quicker to reach two destinations at once.

Of course keep in mind that this feature is only available on currently. If you want it on your self-hosted WordPress site you will need to find the right plugin or wait until Automattic adds the functionality to Jetpack.