Spam spam spam of the Month!

We love it when you leave comments. Inquisitive, congratulatory, positive, even negative: we value your feedback and love them all. There are some comments that just fit into a classification all of their own, though. Comments so compelling, so thought provoking, so enlightening that normal, mortal comments pale in comparison. These comments deserve highlighting, deserve their own pedestal to be addressed upon. These are the comments we bring you today, the cream of the crop, the crown jewel of the series of tubes. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you… spam. And our personal responses to these gems of the internet!

Spam Spam Spam

spam Justin


[clickToTweet tweet=”Be sure to book a limo prior to your scheduled trip to Denver. The livery industry will appreciate it.” quote=”Be sure to book a limo prior to your scheduled trip to Denver. The livery industry will appreciate it.”]

We understand the troubles in dispatching farm animals in their livery stables, and appreciate your efforts in coming up with strategies on how to simplify this process using your tool. However, we do not believe that using a Limo or traveling to Denver is the best way to deal with the issue of Livery Dispatching.

The use of a limo, while effective at dispatching the animal, leaves you will the issue of cleaning up a mess and can cause serious damage to both the limo and driver.

Also, though the trip to Denver for the Holidays would be a good distraction to the action of brutally slaughtering Farm animals using a vehicle that is usually used for taking High schoolers to Prom, it is not needed to carry out the task.

– Justin


Hello Adela,

The timing feature of WordPress hooks is great, isn’t it? I mean, a simple callback is nice and all, but without the priority argument as a part of the whole hook system, how would I get the right timing?

Also, it is very nice to be able to choose how much work my callback wants, without having to rewrite entire sections of WordPress! Want to do a little work? Write a hook! BOOM! Want to do a lot of work? Write a lot of hooks! BOOM! Action and Filter ALL OF THE THINGS? It is up to you.

Surely this is a clean way to code. Remember, yesterday’s code is legacy code and legacy code is very dusty.

– Kyle


Dear herein,

[clickToTweet tweet=”It is vital to WordPress that your steed be well acquainted with you. Where is your steed?” quote=”It is vital to WordPress that your steed be well acquainted with you. Where is your steed?”]

One of our greatest struggles is making sure that our steed is fully acquainted. Our steed has really bad memory and so we spend the first part of every day going around the office introducing ourselves. I’m like, “Could you maybe write something down.” It’s exhausting and definitely not helping our productivity.

As far as our steed’s comfort is concerned, I think we might be too accommodating. Everyone here works very hard and don’t see why a horse should get longer lunches then the rest of the team. Everytime I turn around he’s taking a nap. And don’t even get me started on the mess he leaves in the bathroom.

Anyway, thanks for commenting and your concern for our steed. I’ll let him know that you asked about him.

– James


Hello Debra,

A quick shoutout to Matt Mullenweg and the WordPress Foundation, by which publishing has been democratized, for otherwise this fantastic informative paragraph would never have found its way to your lovely residence. Truly this has been a wonderful occasion to have heard from you. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

– Kyle



[clickToTweet tweet=”Hitting the nail upon the top can be tough. Be sure to defined out the whole thing.” quote=”Hitting the nail upon the top can be tough. Be sure to defined out the whole thing.”]

That irks me too! Totally.  Totes. Tots. To. T… Sorry, I forgot what I was going to say… what were we talking about?

Anyway, limiting side-effects while hitting a nail on the top can be tricky, stabilizing the whole left-right, right-left movement can be daunting and often requires a great deal of talent. Thank you for noticing 🙂

– Kyle


Hi fgneumghenl,

We are pleased that you enjoyed this piece of writing on this place at this web-blog. We strive to write great writing pieces using pleasant dialogue all the time. You could have went any other place on this interwebs at this time, but you chose our place on  $this->webs->blog and gave us some of your time.

Thank you for commenting to let us know that you were commenting, without your commitment to tell us about your comment we may have never saw your detailed comment. We are committed to ensuring detailed comments get commented on by our committee of community commenters.

– Kenny


Hello khoang gieng gla dinh,

Thank you for the kind words.

Truly contact forms are the best way to be in contact. With Ninja Forms I can set up an email notification for myself, subscribe my visitors to a newsletter, or even collect a form of payment. Forms have never been so easy to make!≠

– Kyle

Peeking Ninja

Right. So. If you’re observant you may have noticed the dates for all this spam were back in January-ish. I filter through all this spam constantly, and some of it’s so funny it’s a shame to waste. So this idea occurred to me, but it’s been pretty low on the priority list. I hope you had as good a laugh reading it as we did writing it! If enough people get a kick out of it we’ll make this a monthly thing. Goodness knows we get enough of it! Have a great weekend and happy blogging!