Social Warfare: One WordPress Social Media Plugin to Rule Them All

How much of your audience can you afford to ignore? If you aren’t taking advantage of social media, you’re ignoring a window of opportunity into 75+% of internet connected households in almost 2 dozen countries around the globe.[1] That’s literally billions of lost opportunities to reach out to potential clients, customers, readers, viewers, you name it. If you run a WordPress website, you need to take a look at the Social Warfare WordPress social media plugin right now!

Social Warfare

wordpress social media plugin: Social Media

Because we’re talking WordPress, there are quite a few great options for social media plugins that will meet many of your needs. We’ve reviewed a number of them. Social Warfare is the choice of the WP Ninjas because it not only meets all of our social media needs, but because it does so eloquently and beautifully with a range of possible customizations, and in our experience has unparalleled user support when you need a hand. It’s everything we need and want in a single plugin: the ultimate social sharing arsenal! Let’s have a look at what it is and what makes it tick.

The Ultimate WordPress Social Media Plugin

Social Warfare comes in two flavors: a free, lightweight version available in the WordPress repository, and a feature-rich premium version available directly through the company.

The free plugin is an excellent beginner’s package for websites that are taking their first forays into the WordPress social media world. It’s an excellent place to start and get your social media chops warmed up for a deeper dive into social sharing.

The premium plugin has incredible flexibility of choice. It will easily and eloquently fill the role of the sole social media plugin needed by companies ranging from small businesses to enterprise level corporations. Because pricing is incredibly reasonable- starting at only $29USD/yr- from here on out we’ll review the whole of the plugin offered in the premium package.

The Features

Masterfully developed…

  • Performant. Even with a host of active features employed, your site will perform as if the plugin wasn’t even there.
  • Massively Customizable. Easily match the styling of all front end Social Warfare elements to your own branding. Shape size, color, hover- you name it, you can customize it.
  • 100% Responsive. Beautiful on mobile, tablet, desktop… wherever whenever.

Incredible social options…

  • Scope. Over a dozen different media sites included to expand the reach of your WordPress social media efforts. From Facebook to reddit, it’s here… but only when you want it to be. Activate or deactivate sites at will.

social sharing options Social warfare WordPress social media plugin

  • Sharing Customization. Effortlessly set the image, title, and text that appears on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn when your content is shared.

facebook sharing options Social warfare WordPress social media plugin

  • Custom Tweets. Pre-populate the text of Twitter tweets for readers while still letting them have their own say if they want. Built-in link shortening.
  • Click-to-Tweets. Elegant click-to-tweet boxes can be placed anywhere on a page. Just check out ours in this article! (we’re using a minor CSS tweak to move them to the left and right of the page)

tweet customization social warfare wordpress social media plugin

  • Pinterest-specific Images. If Pinterest is your thing, you can control the look and feel of your content anytime it’s shared via Pinterest.
  • Display Social Proof. Add that extra boost of psychological encouragement to share your content with easy to display and control social proof options.

social warfare buttons with proof wordpress social media plugin

Loaded with extras…

  • Content Protection. Effectively prevent content skimmers from framing your content.
  • Shortcodes. Fine grain control of share button placement via shortcode.
  • Automatic Analytics. Engrained UTM tracking in every shared link allows you to clearly measure social media ROI.
  • Developer Friendly. Build on and extend Social Warfare as needed.

Covering every last feature would take forever, but those are the main points that stand out to us. What are some of your favorites? We’d love to hear about it in the comments. With a plugin that has this much to offer, it’s likely we’ll all find something new to play with!