Scheduled Slides for Soliloquy

It should be no secret that we love the Soliloquy WordPress Slider plugin and we think you should too.

Recently while working on a project we had a need to set Soliloquy slides to only appear during specific date ranges. The use case might be you have a special running on your site that starts on the coming Friday and expires on Monday and you want to post a banner for that. Sure you could just add it on Friday and remove it on Monday but our client is busy and just wanted to set it and forget it. So we extended Soliloquy to do just that.

I can see how this could be a common need so we decided to release for the benefit of everyone.

Introducing Scheduled Slides for Soliloquy!

We hope you enjoy it but be sure to get your copy of Soliloquy first. Otherwise you installed this plugin for nothing. 🙂