Popping Up with Popup Maker: a WordPress Popup & Modal Plugin

Bring the benefits of elegant modals and popups to your WordPress website with Popup Maker, a powerful and easy to use modal plugin for WordPress! Fully customizable, Popup Maker allows you to craft your own overlays and windows for a tailor made user experience for your visitors. Add content of any flavor- text, images, video, links, shortcodes, and more. You can even target your new content to specific traffic segments to give your users a one-of-a-kind experience!

Popup Maker

Popup Maker is available in the WordPress repo for free in its core state, which offers a range of features we’ll overview below. You can extend Popup Maker beyond its core functionality with 5 additional, paid extensions. It presents both an easy to use way for webmasters to experiment with popups and modals for the first time, and a broad featured solution for those with more experience. As a plugin it has extraordinarily good reviews and receives regular updates, making Popup Maker an all-around ideal solution for your needs.

While it doesn’t natively include email opt-in forms, it can easily be coupled with Ninja Forms for that functionality!

Free Features

  • Conditions editor that allows you to target who sees what popups
  • Additional specific conditions for popular plugins such as WooCommerce
  • A range of click triggers to control when your popups or modals fire
  • Auto open triggers for timed delay after a condition has been met
  • Supports setting cookies with a range of different variables
  • fully customizable using Popup Maker’s Visual Theme Editor
  • Control how popups appear (banners, side bars, slide outs, and more)
  • Built-in support for Ninja Formsscreen-shot-2016-09-14-at-2-16-29-pm

Paid Extensions

  • Exit Intent
  • AJAX Login Modals
  • Age Verification Modals
  • Popup Analytics
  • Advanced Targeting Conditions

Using Popup Maker

Installing and using Popup Maker is very simple. Just install it like any other WordPress plugin (Plugins>Add New), and when activated it adds a Popup Maker option to your WordPress dashboard.

popup maker in wordpress dashboard

All created popups will appear in the All Popups window. You can play with the look and feel of your popups in the Popup Themes tab, and adjust general plugin settings in Settings. You can browse extensions and even access support from right here too! Let’s look now at adding your first popup.

Adding a New Popup

Clicking Add Popup in the dashboard menu presents you with a very familiar scene- it’s the WordPress post/page editor! Just tweaked a bit for popup design. Very cool:

popup maker editor

You have the full power of WordPress’ rich text editor to create the content for your popup: rich text, images, video, links, buttons, even shortcodes.

Editor Options

When you have content situated the way you want it, you can move on to a host of other options:

Triggers: Auto or click type triggers. Set delay time, CSS rules, choose wether or not to set a cookie, and more.

Cookies: Set cookies to prevent a trigger from opening popups redundantly

Display Settings: Craft the size, height, and width of your popup. Set mobile responsiveness.

Overlay and Animation: Toggle for overlay or not, choose an animation type and speed for the popup action

Position and Z Index: Make your popups stackable, fix positioning and repositioning based on screen resizing, choose the location the window opens in, even adjust margins!

Close Settings: Chose how the user can close the overlay and control how the window closes.

Sidebar Options

The sidebar brings you two powerful features in addition to the familiar “Publish” save feature.

Conditions: Set the conditions under which the popup will display. You have a myriad options here that includes pages, posts, media, tags, formats, and a host of options within each.

Theme Setting: Choose from the many premade themes Popup Maker has to offer for each individual popup. When you’ve found one you want, use the powerful Popup Themes Editor that allows you full control over the look of the popup! You can, without CSS, style:

  • Overlay
  • container
  • background
  • border
  • shadows
  • title
  • text
  • …more!

The list goes on! I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing in this now and there really are a ton of features. I’d sort of like to show off some of the ones I’ve made as examples, but my sense of fashion and styling coordination would embarrass the early 1970s. I couldn’t do them justice. Download Popup Maker and see for yourself!