Ninja Pages, Categories, & Tags v1.2 is here!

Whenever I’m build a site and Using WordPress as a CMS there always seems to be some modifications I want to make to how pages are handled. Here are just a few…

  • List child pages on a parent page
  • Only display an excerpt for the child pages
  • Add categories or tags to pages to enhance search
  • Connect posts to pages based on shared categories or tags

These are only some of the reasons why someone might want to add post capabilities to their WordPress website. My guess is you have your own list of reasons for doing this and I would love to hear about them for ideas for my next project. 🙂

Ninja Pages, Categories, & Tags is the perfect solution. It can give you the power to do all of the above and more. With version 1.2 we added a simple options page so you can turn on only the options you need and we look forward to seeing what else we might be able to do with.

If you are using WordPress as a CMS, Ninja Pages, Categories, & Tags might just be the simple solution you were looking for. We hope you love it.