Ninja Forms – Monday (02/11/2013) Update Notes

Although today’s releases are mostly related to bugfixes, there are a few new features. A new field has been added to Ninja Forms that will allow users to insert password fields into their forms. These fields will automatically output a password textbox and a re-enter password textbox in addition to ensuring that the text inside each matches. The WordPress back end “password strength” meter has also been included and can be activated or deactivated on a per-password field basis.

We are still coding away on the Front End Administration extension and Ajax submitting. We hope to have some previews for those in a week or two.

Here are the details:

Core Update:


  • Added a new field type of “Password.” This field offers the ability to add a password input textbox to your forms, including both password and re-enter password boxes. Ninja Forms will ensure that the text entered into these boxes matches. Please note that using this field within your forms to do things like logins, registrations, etc. will require custom coding.


  • Modified the way that Ninja Forms created admin metaboxes. Metabox options should now properly output in the order in which they are registered.
  • Added a new serializeToArray function to the admin.js to fix a bug some users encountered with popup boxes.

Multi-Part Update:


  • Added a prev/next wrapper, adjust default styling for breadcrumbs and progress-bar.

Conditionals Update:


  • Moved a JS function from ninja-forms-conditionals-admin.js to the ninja-forms-admin.js.

Post Creation Update:


  • Modified the layout of the Post Creation metabox to make it easier to understand.

Layout and Styles Update:


  • Added styling options for Multi-Part Forms elements.