Ninja Forms is a WordPress developers web form toolbox

I don’t say this flippantly, but Ninja Forms is what every WordPress developer could want in a web form tool. We just launched 2.0, and so we are  a little light in extensions. (Although we have several in the works.)  This doesn’t mean, however, that we aren’t heavy on extensibility.

As of the writing of this post Ninja Forms includes 54 actions and 23 filters.

This gives WordPress developers almost unlimited power to modify what Ninja Forms does on the fly, without ever touching even one line of core code. And if that were all it did, that would be pretty awesome by itself. Ninja Forms goes far beyond that. Everything that the plugin does, from the admin-backend, to the front-end form display, to the processing of forms, is handled with these hooks and functions. If you are familiar with how WordPress’ action hooks work, you can modify Ninja Forms to do literally anything that you want.

If you want to create an extension, Ninja Forms includes dozens of functions that allow you to add new settings, your own custom fields, new options for those custom fields, and much more. In fact, all of our extensions are built using these very powerful features.

Give it a try!

I’m writing this because, on the surface, Ninja Forms is a great tool for creating forms for your WordPress website. And with our extensions it is an extremely powerful tool for accomplishing all kinds of tasks. Beneath the skin, and in the right hands, Ninja Forms is form creation framework with unparalleled possibilities.

And even better…it’s completely FREE!