Ninja Forms and Cross Browser Testing with BrowserStack

The variety of ways our users are implementing Ninja Forms every day continues to astound us here at The WP Ninjas.

It seems like every day our users are coming up with more innovative ways to use Ninja Forms even for use cases we never anticipated. While we try to anticipate every possible use case, with the variety of themes, plugins, server configurations and client configurations it’s almost impossible to anticipate all of them. For example, in the past users have reported issues to us complaining of issues only impacting IE9 in Windows XP, or only on Chrome in Windows 7, or only Firefox on Android. When those support requests came it was a huge headache support wise. It meant we either needed to dust off our old Windows machines and/or Android phones if we had them and tinker with browser versions, or hope we had a license for the OS in question and spin it up in a VM.

When was announced we got really excited, but quickly realized that maintaining a 10GB VM for every OS/browser pairing was not only difficult but incredibly impractical on our daily driver machines.

Queue BrowserStack.

When you log into Browserstack, you’re given a UI that looks like this:


Need to test your site/software in Windows?  Not a problem…which version would you like to test in?  All modern versions are supported and all versions of IE back to version 6 are included.  Lets say a user is having an Android problem.  Not only can I test on Android, but BrowserStack lets me get even more granular by providing a virtual testing environment on the top 30 most common Android devices:


After selecting the device I want to test my site on, the magic begins.  After a few seconds of loading, I am presented with a virtual desktop right within my browser with the site I need to test on open and waiting for me.  In the example below, I chose to test in Safari on the iPhone 6:


In just a few seconds, I have virtually any OS/browser combination available at my fingertips to test on with no hassle, no maintaining of virtual machines, no installing/uninstalling of software.  Using BrowserStack has really revolutionized our cross browser testing and provided a better experience for our support team and faster turnaround times for our users.  You can even automate testing of your sites across browsers if you’re so inclined.

You can read more about what BrowserStack can offer your organization here.