Ninja Forms 2.0 Teaser – Favorite Fields

Everyone has been asking, “When will Ninja Forms 2.0 be released”. I feel like we have been saying 2 more weeks for an entire year and maybe we have. The truth is that this has been a complete rewrite with a lot of attention to standards, user feedback, and so much more. While I hope that this post does not show prove me to be a liar, or at least a very poor estimator of time, Ninja Forms 2.0 is only a couple weeks away.

This new version comes with a whole new model of distribution and a ton of new features for both users and developers. My goal between now and release is to regularly post some teaser video at least showing you some of the new features you can expect in Ninja Forms 2.0 or it’s new add-ons.

To begin let me introduce you to Favorite Fields.