Ninja Forms 2.0 – Coming Soon!

This is an extremely important post and you will want to take it all in. Especially if you have not already purchased a subscription to Ninja Forms.

Near the end of May we will be releasing Ninja Forms 2.0. This is a huge release with a ton of new features (see below) and with it will most likely come with some changes to our subscription process. We might be moving to an annual subscription for continued updates and support as well as raising prices. The full details of this change are still being fleshed out, but changes will be made. Why is this important?

Anyone who purchases Ninja Forms before these changes are made will be grandfathered into our current subscription rate for life. That means you will still continue to get unlimited updates and support with absolutely no need to renew your subscription annually. That’s right, one $30.00 purchase and you get everything Ninja Forms is and will become, while never have to pay another dime. At our current price, this will save you $30.00 a year but at our yet undetermined prices who knows how much you will save.

All that to say that buy now to get the best features at the lowest possible cost.

Now onto what we are adding to Ninja Forms version 2.0

Here are just some of the things that will be released in Ninja Forms 2.0 on top of all of it’s current great features.

For Users:
  • Import / export forms and submissions
  • Save form fields for use in other forms
    • Create a list of “favourite” fields, or just those used most frequently so that you don’t have to re-enter data.
  • Create checkboxes from the “List” field type.
  • Conditional logic: show/hide/add/remove elements based upon the input from other fields.
  • Allow users to post to custom taxonomies.
  • Select between CSV and XLS file formats for submission output.
  • Duplicate forms with a click.
  • Automatic updates within the Admin Dashboard.
  • Better Form display mark-up.
For Developers
  • New registration hooks allow developers to:
    • Add custom field types.
    • Remove field types.
    • Add or remove side-bar metaboxes.
    • Add or remove tabs / settings pages.
    • Add or remove Help text.
  • More control over form output.
  • Easily retrieve submission data using functions.

This is the short list of features coming to Ninja Forms 2.0. We will also be writing more in depth tutorials and documentation for subscribers as well as working on some new addons.

Great things are ahead for Ninja Forms. Make sure you get in on the ground floor.