New Site Coming Soon

Things have been quiet lately as we have been working on a couple projects. One being Ninja Core which I mentioned last week. The other big one is that I’m redesigning and restructuring

We launched this site in it’s current form at the beginning of December of last year. We had a plugin we thought people would love and needed a way to distribute and support it. The problem is I’m impatient and rushed to get the site up quickly not really knowing what would be the best structure if we were to start releasing more products, as we have.

Well, with Ninja Forms popularity beginning to increase, Ninja Announcements just being released and several more ideas coming around the corner, it has become clear that I needed to think this through a little bit more.

The new site will hopefully be much cleaner, direct in purpose, and more useful. There are a couple things that I will be working on directly after launch as well. Things like a live demo for all our plugins and video content. Screenshots, and videos will all trickle in as soon as the new site launches to give visitors an even clearer picture of what our products do.

I’m really excited about the new site and I hope you’ll like it when it changes over which I’m aiming to have ready by Friday. This is fairly sudden but like I said, I’m an impatient person.