Kevin and I have decided to start doing some video talks about various subjects like running a WordPress business, Ninja Forms, and WordPress in general. We hope to accomplish a few things with these videos.

Make our business more personal

It’s easy to use or buy a product and forget that there are real people behind it or submit a support ticket and not realize there is someone who really wants to help you but also has life events they deal with as well. The idea it to be real names and faces behind the name WP Ninjas and hopefully breakdown the barrier between business and customer.

Share our perspective

Of course that’s a part of being more personal but it’s also a way to connect our users, customers, and followers with the way we think about a topic. You may not agree with our opinions but at least you’ll know why we hold them.

Share our success and failures

We are young business and we are making many decisions and struggling with many challenges for the first time. Hashing these things out on video gives us a chance to share has and hasn’t worked for us and perhaps might give you some ideas on how to best launch and maintain your next project.

We’ve decided that our first series of videos would be on the topic of developing a growing product since that is our current challenge as we are building the Ninja Forms brand and community.

We had to start somewhere

Here is our first video simply introducing ourselves and little extra. It’s rough to say the least but I promise the quality will get better the more we make and the more comfortable we get. Enjoy and please leave some comments or feedback below.

Ninja Forms

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  1. Jason says

    Nice video guys. Thanks for being so great — I love your product(s). Your support has been amazing.

    Can’t wait to see what the future has to offer. :)

  2. James Laws says

    Thanks, Jason. We’re really excited about the video series and definitely excited about a lot of things we have planned in the near and little more distant future.

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