Requesting support from the WP Ninjas

I wanted to provide some insight as to how we handle support here at WP Ninjas. We take support very seriously, and, because of the sheer volume of requests we might receive, we have had to implement a strict support request process. This is to make sure that we provide the best support possible while also being able to maintain some semblance of personal lives.

These are the methods for requesting support from least to most effective:

  • Social Media – We have a few accounts set up, but they really are not conducive for handling support. Usually we are developing and don’t check these nearly as frequently as some would like.
  • Email Requests – We get a lot of these, but, to be honest, this is a terrible way to request support. We no longer receive any notifications of new email (on purpose) and only check support accounts once a day. If we are still handling requests in the channels below then these get held until we are no longer handling other requests. This means emails requests might not get touched for up to a week or more.
  • Basic Support – We setup this forum for questions about our products and any bugs with our code that might pop-up. These usually get answered within 2 to 4 days. If there are issues with our code, we will fix them. If there are issues with other plugins, themes, or custom development requests, we will point you in the right direction to fix the problem.
  • Priority Support – These are the only issues we get notified of immediately and will respond to within 1 to 12 hours. All new purchasers of our products get 1 month for free, otherwise we offer it at a monthly and yearly subscription rate. Here we fix issues, offer consultation, write custom code, troubleshoot your install, and almost anything else that may be need to make sure our products are running smoothly for you. Priority support is fast and thorough.

Some additional thoughts on why we hate email for support

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we really want you to use our forums when requesting support from us. It’s not because we hate email, we just hate email for support. That might seem strange to you because it works really well on your end. Let me explain some of the reasons it doesn’t work so well for us.

  • Email is for individuals but we’re a team – The WP Ninjas consists of a team and we share the load of support requests and development. If you send an email, that removes the other talented developers from the conversation. Now we have to forward and CC the other team members which makes a simple email exchange a hot mess.
  • Email is private exchange – I know you think that’s what you want (and in some instances it is, which is why we have private replies in the forums) but in all honesty, your issue is probably not exclusive to you. Our email exchanges can’t be browsed by the community and therefore be beneficial in their own troubleshooting.
  • Email is crowded – We get emails for social notifications, personal correspondence, a bunch of business and client exchanges, and much more. Support tickets in emails get easily missed in the masses of all the other emails coming in. Our support forums are for support only and give us one place to go to make sure our customers are being taken care of.

That is our support process and a recommendation for getting the best support possible. Later I’ll share my own personal story on how and why we handle priority support the way we do.

What are you thoughts? Do you disagree with our process? Do you have a better way? We would love to hear from you.