Everything changed on May 27th, 2014 at 10:01 PM

I know this is our main business site (complete overhaul coming very soon) so what I’m about to post might seem a little off topic. It’s actually for that very reason I want to write this.

The WP Ninjas, LLC is most definitely a business. We focus almost exclusively on WordPress plugin development with our main two products currently being Ninja Forms and Ninja Demo. I believe it’s also important that you know that when you deal with the WP Ninjas you’re dealing with real people as well. We have families, stress, distractions, and everything else you ma deal with yourselves. It is in the interest of this reality that I make this announcement, albeit a little late.

I (James Laws) Just became a dad!

This past Tuesday evening we welcomed Greyson Glyn Laws into the world and our family. While I’m 38 and have been married for 16 years this is all absolutely new to me. I’m a little shell shocked at the moment. I work from home and up till recently I had the place to myself during the day, but now I have a recovering wife and newborn baby who need my attention. While I currently feel completely inadequate to assist either of them I’m sure it will all start to click in due time.

If you have requested support, sent us a tweet, written about us, or any other kind of engagement and wondered why our responses might be a little slow, that’s why. It’s not an excuse, it’s just a request for patience as I begin to catch my own rhythm in this new phase of my life. I adapt quickly and from your perspective things should be back to normal in no time at all.

Fun fact about my son’s birthday.

I was kind of busy to realize this on the day but it just so happens that Greyson’s birthday fell on the 11th anniversary of WordPress. There seems to be an odd sense of synergy in that for me. 🙂