Introducing Ninja Announcements 2.0

To date our freshman plugin has been downloaded 6,600 times. We’ve received a bunch of emails asking about it and it’s future. Well, today we are proud to announce that the future is here.

Ninja Announcements is available both as a Lite and a Pro version and either version is more than enough to handle most sites needs. This WordPress Plugin for your announcement needs gives you the power to choose when, where, and to whom your announcements are presented.

If you want to schedule an announcement to be displayed on your site for a specific time period, day of the week, or even specific time of the day, Ninja Announcements gives you the control that you need. But this is only the start of what Ninja Announcements can do.

  • Advanced control over the HTML markup
  • Show announcements to certain visitors. You can display different announcements based on a users logged-in role
  • Display random announcements with the Ninja Announcements Group feature
  • and much, much more.

The types of uses you might have for Ninja Announcements are only limited by your imagination and the exciting thing is…there’s a lot more to come.

Check out Ninja Announcements here!