Want to Add Attractive Interactive Images in WordPress? It’s Easy!

I can’t tell you how many times a good set of images or even one good interactive image has made the difference for me in making a product purchase. I’m a very visual person, and I’m a curious buyer. Chances are a lot of your potential customers are like me, too. Interactive images are your ticket to pleasing- and closing a sale with- this type of buyer. There not just great for product images in your online store, either. Want to tag places on a map? Embed links and additional info to any kind of image? The plugins for adding interactive images in WordPress that we highlight below will do that and more. Check ’em out!

4 Plugins for Adding Interactive Images in WordPress

1) Draw Attention

draw attention logo interactive images in wordpress

We’ll start with the only plugin on WordPress.org that I was able to find for fully interactive images (adding tags, links, text, etc). If I’ve missed any that fit the bill, please speak up in the comments! Draw Attention is fantastic and easy to use. It adds a “Draw Attention” option to your WordPress dashboard that takes you to an image editor:

draw attention image editor

You have a ton of options here for styling the interactive interface of your images. Highlight styling, Info Box styling- choose your background colors, borders, opacity, and more. On the right hand side you’ll see an image box. Just drag and drop your image there, set it as your featured image, and a zoomed-in shot of your image appears under “Hotspot Areas” at the bottom of the window. Here you can set the area or areas of your soon-to-be interactive image with clicks of a mouse. I’ve highlighted the ball in this image to be an interaction point:

draw attention image highlight demo

Setting the image area for interactivity is that simple. Now you get to give that area a title that pops up when your users hover over it, with optional rich text description text and even hypertext links.

Pretty great! Only drawback? Draw Attention only lets you tinker with 1 image per site. That’s perfect if that’s all you need, but it’s not going to work for a store full of items. They do offer a pro version however with unlimited images. Since we’re into spending money now, let’s look at some other options for interactive images in WordPress over on the Envato Market.

Envato Market Plugins

2) iMapper

iMapper has been around for several years, has solid ratings, and boasts over 2k downloads in the Envato Marketplace. It’s safe to say that this is a quality, reliable plugin for your money. They give you a selection of pins to choose from that you can pop onto any image. You add your content of choice into the pin during setup, and users see that content when they hover over or click the pin on the image. Easy peasy.


  • Pin any part of any image
  • A variety of pre-designed pin styles suitable for different images
  • Rich content options: links, lightbox images and frames, bubbles, content below image, etc
  • Content supports HTML elements
  • Pin filtering by category
  • fully responsive

3) Image Map Hotspot

Image Map Hotspot is also an Envato Market veteran. They boast over 2k sales and excellent reviews, making them a safe bet for your money as well. Image Map Hotspot specializes in tooltip and annotation features, primarily for maps (as the name would imply) but workable for images of any kind. They recognize the need for regular update love both on their end and yours, emphasizing the ease of updating your map’s pins and content in the WordPress backend.


  • Live working previews of your interactive images in WordPress edit pages.
  • Fully drag and drop interface for hotspot positioning
  • fully responsive
  • Supports multiple interactive images on the same page
  • Includes optional image delay slideshow

4) Image Map Pro

Image Map Pro is the granddaddy plugin of the list, having been around since 2012. It’s regularly updated, has over 3k customers, great ratings, and is all around a safe investment. What makes it well and truly stand out from the crowd is it’s ability to not just pin a map or make a reference point (it does that too), but highlight custom areas on a 3D map. You’ve just got to see it in action. This is one of those plugins that makes me want to go out and find a reason to use it!

image map pro interactive images in wordpress


  • Did you see the demo above? 3D!
  • Powerful editor and content builder
  • 150 icons
  • Tons of style and animation options
  • Responsive and even optimized for touchscreen
  • Customizable mouseover and click actions

If interactive images in WordPress are what you’re after, you’re covered. Hopefully you’ve found an option you like here. If you have a plugin solution you use and love, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments. Have fun playing with your images and good luck!