In business, some days are harder than others

Running a business isn’t easy.

Especially when there are only a few of you responsible for every moving part. Marketing, sales, support, development, and dreaming. (Yes, dreaming should be a part of every business.) It’s a lot to handle.

Some days are filled with amazing moments of productivity and progress. Other days are a lot harder.

Yesterday Kevin was sick. Zach (more on him later) was out of town. My son wasn’t feeling well. Productivity had ceased.

There were some things that didn’t stop though.

Sales kept coming in. This is one of the awesome things about running a product based business over one that is client based; if you’ve done things correctly, it’s business as usual as it pertains to sales. When you go to sleep at night your sales are still coming in. Taking a vacation? Yup, still coming in.

Sales that happen when you aren’t actively working are some of the sweetest of all. They are a sign that all your hard work is paying off.

Sales weren’t the only thing that continued, though. Support requests also rushed in just as ferociously. But unlike sales, support requests need attention.

We remember what it’s like to need help with a product or service. Because of this, we take support very seriously. We like to reply as quickly as possible, and in most cases, requests are responded to within 6 hours. That wasn’t the case yesterday. Some users needing more technical assistance might not have received a response at all.

I really appreciate our customers, and nothing makes me feel as helpless as someone having an issue that we can’t respond to quickly. Being attentive to our community is the lifeblood of our business, after all.

Running a business isn’t easy. If you are already doing it you know this. If you’re thinking about starting your own, it’s a good idea prepare yourself mentally beforehand.

Just remember that when your business is healthy, the good far outweighs the bad. Celebrate the good and be honest with your customers throughout the bad. Most of them will understand.