Google Drive – Almost there

This is not like our usual posts. It’s not about one of our products or even WordPress at all. It is, however, about a tool that I have been excited about for a long time and it’s finally launched. In fact it just launched yesterday.

Google Drive is Here!

If you haven’t heard about this service yet it’s basically Dropbox by Google. Now that may not mean anything to you but I generally love Google’s products and how they all integrate with each other. Google helps me streamline my workflow and keep everything available regardless of where I am and that’s a huge win for me. This is just the next step in that evolution.

  • Gmail – Keeps all of my communication in one place and yet accessible everywhere.
  • Google Docs – Lets me collaborate with anyone I want on documents and spreadsheets for any of my devices.
  • Google Reader – Delivers all of the news that’s most important to me regardless of where I am at the moment.
  • Google+ – Keeps me connected to many friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and customers at a moments notice.

Now Google Drive can handle everything else. All my web projects, graphic files, and other miscellaneous files that I might need at any given moment.

Google Drive was just released yesterday so there are bound to be some glitches and less than stellar features but I’m confident in Google’s ability to listen to the public and push out frequent improvements. If they are even half as responsive as they have been for Google+ we will be seeing a lot of great stuff fairly regularly.

One Google Drive Warnings!

I’ve been playing with the service since yesterday and there are a few things you should be mindful of.

  • Google Drive is not yet a back-up solution. By that I mean, if you delete a file in your local Google Drive folder, it’s deleted online as well and thus on every device you sync with. I’m hoping that come up with a solution for that but that’s how it stands now.

Why Use Google Drive?

Why not? You get 5gbs of storage for free and the cost of additional storage is dirt cheap. In all seriousness here are a couple reasons why I’m using Google Drive.

  • I want all my web development files and certain applications accessible everywhere. I work on several different devices and it’s a pain to have to carry around an external drive everywhere I go. Plus, I can’t plug my external drive into my iPhone or iPad.
  • Back-ups! I know I said that Google Drive isn’t yet a back-up solution and that’s true if you delete an entire file or folder. It’s a great solution if you accidently made a change you didn’t mean to. Go online and just download a previous version of that file and all is well. That’s a nice little safety net.

I may come up with a few more as I dig into the service a little more and as they mature the service moving forward but all in all I’m very pleased and looking forward to where the project is headed.