Easily Embed Facebook Events in WordPress!

Social media has become a huge part of our daily lives for many of us. For those of us running a WordPress website, for business or for fun, so has WordPress! We’ll explore a joining of those two worlds today, and take a look at how you can embed Facebook Events into your WordPress website.

I know quite a good number of folks who, either full-time or on the side, use Facebook for promoting their business. I’m not talking larger companies here, but individuals involved in personal marketing efforts for things like Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Young Living, etc. There’s a whole gamut of products like this moved through Facebook Events, and learning to embed Facebook Events in your WordPress website can give you a real leg up in reaching potential customers.

Maybe you’re not selling anything at all and just want to keep your readers in the loop! That’s fine too, and this method will work for everyone. Let’s explore how to embed Facebook Events into your WordPress website now!

Step 1: Grabbing Integration Credentials from Facebook

We’re going to do this with a plugin, but it’s going to have to integrate with Facebook to work so we might as well grab the credentials we need from Facebook first. So…

1) Visit the Facebook Developers page and register yourself. You don’t need to be a developer- don’t worry. The green button that reads “Add a New App” will read “Register” on your first visit. Give it a click and a registration popup window will open. Complete that info and move on.

embed facebook events - registration option on the facebook developer page

2) With the registration info entered, you’ll now be looking at a Create a New App ID popup. This app and its ID will be what integrates our plugin with Facebook to pull event data into our WordPress website. Fill it out and move on.

embed facebook events - create app id popup window

3) With the App created, you’ll be redirected to the Facebook developer dashboard. You’ll see your App ID and App Secret code there. You can see where I’ve placed a red bar over both App ID locations in the image below. To see the App Secret code, you’ll have to click the “show” button to the right of it. Stash these in a safe place or just leave the tab open for reference. It’s time now to grab our plugin!

embed facebook events - developer page dashboard with app id and secret app code

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Step 2: Embed Facebook Events with WP Embed Facebook

Installing the WP Embed Facebook plugin adds a new ‘Embed Facebook’ option under Settings in your WordPress dashboard. There’s a lot more that this plugin does than just embed Facebook Events, and if you want to see tutorials for other things like embedding posts and such, be sure to let me know in the comments. We’ll focus on events for now.

1) Click Embed Facebook under Settings in your WordPress dashboard and make sure you’re on the Magic Embeds tab of the page that opens. Now scroll down to the Facebook Settings section of this page and enter your App ID and App Secret into their places here. Click Save All Settings and you’re integrated!

embed facebook video - WP EMbed Facebook settings page where IDs are entered

2) Now that we’re integrated, we need to do the actual embed. You can either embed Facebook events from a page you’re created that’s hosting the event, or directly from the event itself. There is a different shortcode for either preference:

Shortcode to embed Facebook Events from a page hosting the event:

Shortcode to embed Facebook Events directly from the event itself:

Just pick your preference and then replace the example URL with the actual URL from your page or event. Now paste the shortcode containing your actual URL anywhere on a page of your WordPress website that you want it to appear, publish/update, and viola:

embed facebook events - demo page with embedded facebook event

Clearly I haven’t done a great deal of work setting up the Facebook page, and haven’t even scheduled any events for it. Your actual page and events that you’ve put time and effort into will look far better on your live website. Cheers if you get the Aperture Science reference as well. 🙂

We’re Done!- or are We?

There’s not really anything else to it! Not events, at least. There is a world more you can do with the WP Embed Facebook, and they even have a premium version that extends their already robust free version. It may well be worth your while to check out what else they can do.

That also begs the question- how do you integrate social media and WordPress to promote your brand, business, or personal site? Are there other tutorials that would be useful for you in integrating an aspect of Facebook or other social media into WordPress? Let me know!