WP Ninjas Relaunches on Easy Digital Downloads

Pippin of Pippin’s Plugins and Easy Digital Downloads asked us about some of our experiences when switched over to using Easy Digital Downloads. Let me first say that if you are selling digital products this should be the only plugin that you consider. It easy to set-up and extremely powerful. It also has a ton […]

Thank you for giving to March for Babies!

March for Babies

In January we changed everything about how we develop, release and sell plugins. It was a big move, and we had no idea how it would work out. In the end, we believed it was the right direction for us. Now having just closed the 1st quarter of the year I can say… so far […]

How to write the perfect CSS rule – Part 2

Chrome Inspector

Now that we have a handle on CSS specificity, let’s get a tool to make this process super easy. Browsers & Extensions Before we start, you really need to get a browser that is meant for development and troubleshooting. I strongly recommend downloading Chrome. It’s what I will be using for all of the examples […]

How to write the perfect CSS rule – Part 1

Chrome Inspector

Have you ever tried to make a simple CSS change to your website but nothing happened? You’re not going crazy; you’re most likely just missing some context. Another way of saying it is that the rule you added wasn’t the strongest. In this two part series, I share some simple steps to writing the perfect […]

Become a WP Ninjas Affiliate


Get paid 20% of every sale you refer! You heard us right. Simply by referring people to products you love and trust you can earn a little extra cash. Visit our Affiliates Page to get started. What took us so long? We actually don’t like affiliate networks. Not because of what they are but what they inevitably […]

AJAX submission returns to Ninja Forms

As of version 2.1.2 of Ninja Forms we’ve re-added the AJAX submission feature. If you used Ninja Forms prior to version 2.0, then you know that we launched the new version without including support for AJAX submissions. For those who haven’t used a previous version of Ninja Forms, AJAX submission allows your users to submit […]

Requesting support from the WP Ninjas

I wanted to provide some insight as to how we handle support here at WP Ninjas. We take support very seriously, and, because of the sheer volume of requests we might receive, we have had to implement a strict support request process. This is to make sure that we provide the best support possible while […]