Become a WP Ninjas Affiliate

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You heard us right. Simply by referring people to products you love and trust you can earn a little extra cash. Visit our Affiliates Page to get started.

What took us so long?

We actually don’t like affiliate networks. Not because of what they are but what they inevitably turn into. You would like to think when someone refers a product or service to you that they are doing so because they use the product and have found it to be something they think others should use as well. What ends up happening though is people who have built a revenue stream on affiliate networks refer products that they have never used or have any business recommending. For this reason we have hesitated jumping into the whole affiliate thing.

Why did we change our minds?

While we know that there will be many people who will refer our products simply to get a cut of the sales and not because they believe in our products…we do. We believe very much in the products we sell and the services we provide. We believe that people who use our products have more powerful tools to build their businesses and are more efficient as well. We believe that our support and service is second to none.

If we believe these things then what does it matter what the person referring them believes? So we say bring on the referrals so we can show the world just what doing business with the WP Ninjas is all about.

With all that being said, if you believe the products and services we provide or even if you just want to make a little extra cash by sending new people our way, sign-up today to become a WP Ninjas Affiliate.