In business, some days are harder than others


Running a business isn’t easy. Especially when there are only a few of you responsible for every moving part. Marketing, sales, support, development, and dreaming. (Yes, dreaming should be a part of every business.) It’s a lot to handle. Some days are filled with amazing moments of productivity and progress. Other days are a lot […]

The GPL and WordPress businesses


It was a surreal and balmy 4th of July almost 15 years ago. Traffic was getting backed up and you could feel the frustration of the drivers as they sacrificed the comfort of their air conditioned vehicles to roll down their windows. Their necks stretching out to see what might be causing all the fuss. […]

Everything changed on May 27th, 2014 at 10:01 PM

Greyson Glyn Laws

I know this is our main business site (complete overhaul coming very soon) so what I’m about to post might seem a little off topic. It’s actually for that very reason I want to write this. The WP Ninjas, LLC is most definitely a business. We focus almost exclusively on WordPress plugin development with our […]

WordCamp Nashville 2014

WordCamp Nashville

This past weekend we had the honor of sponsoring, speaking, and volunteering for the help desk at WordCamp Nashville. I had a great time and met some awesome people. I also got a chance to pick Otto’s brain about some of the stuff happening on and love the work and vision they have for […]

WordPress Product Demos

Ninja Demo

If you sell a WordPress product, then you’ve probably had a perspective customer ask if they could test it out first or if you have a demo available. Recently, we realized that our demo of Ninja Forms wasn’t working properly. Also, none of the plugins or extensions were up to date. We currently have 28 extensions […]

Set default layout for a Custom Post Type with Genesis

I have recently (yesterday) taken the plunge into building my websites with Genesis. I’m not exactly sure why I’ve been holding out. Most likely because I had built my own kind of framework and really like some specific things I had built into it. The problem is that I just don’t have time to work […]

The cost and challenges of selling WordPress products

Over the past couple years and even more recently we have seen many WordPress business re-evaluating their business models and making changes to the way they sell their products. This is inevitable as businesses grow because maintaining a growing customer base is expensive and time consuming. We here at WP Ninjas have been thinking about […]

Why we all suck at pricing?

The current hot topics in the WordPress community are pricing models and sustainability. It seems like every site or blog related to WordPress, plugin and theme developers, and everyone in-between are discussing the feasibility of various pricing models. The general consensus seems to be that if support and updates aren’t paid for by subscription, it […]