2015 – A year in review

Full Disclosure: This is the second version of this article. When I first wrote it, I got about two-thirds of the way through it and realized how bored I was writing it. I can only assume you would have been just as bored reading it. Let’s see if I can do better.

I’ve already read some fantastic year-end reviews for 2015. It’s a chance for us to look at what went well or not so well over the past year while also making plans on areas we would like to improve in the one that is to come.

2015 has been a huge year for the WP Ninjas. please join me as I review some of the important numbers of 2015 for our company.

1 – the number of remote developers working with us currently active in the Air Force.
3 – the number of WordCamps we’ve sponsored.
3 – Ninja Forms’ position in the GoDaddy Hot 100 list for the last 4 weeks.
5 – the number of new team members we’ve added.
6 – the number of team member blogs we now maintain.
7 – the number of presentations we gave at WordCamps.
12 – the number of whiskey bottles emptied.
14 – the number of newsletters we sent.
15 – the number of new Ninja Forms add-ons added.
17 – the number of meetups we’ve organized.
24 – the number of Ninja Demo licenses sold.
44 – the number of articles written on our properties since hiring a writer in July.
55 – Ninja Forms’ current position among the most popular plugins in the WordPress repo.
100 – the percentage of revenue growth over last year.
347 – the number of 5 star reviews Ninja Forms has received.
1200+ – the number of Table Tennis games played.
3000 – the square footage of the office space we moved into.
9,500+ – the number of new subscribers to our mailing list.
12,200+ – the number of support tickets received and resolved.
150,000+ – the number of new Ninja Forms active installs.
1,059,000+ – the number of Ninja Forms downloads.

If these numbers show us anything it’s that we are growing quite fast. The things is, there are important stories behind these numbers. Stories that need to be told to fully appreciate them. Over the next couple months be looking for some articles about the individual line numbers above to add some context.

Looking ahead to 2016

There were some huge misses in 2015 that we hope to improve on as well as some things that we want to continue doing to keep momentum. A few of those are…

  • Sponsor more WordCamps. We’re trying to pace ourselves, but we hope to double our sponsorships this year.
  • Present at more events. Our team has a lot to share, so if we could double the number of presentations that would be awesome. We already have two on the calendar.
  • Better management of our mailing list. Our list is growing so fast and we completely under utilize it as a business tool.
  • Renewed focus on Ninja Demo. It’s been on the backburner as we have focused on THREE, but it has so much potential. Whenever someone hears about it you see their eyes light up. We could do a lot more to better establish it as a product.
  • We’re aiming for another year of 100% revenue growth. It’s going to be challenging, but we would rather aim big than settle for the easy goal.
  • 100% increase in our 5 star reviews. That number also feels pretty unobtainable, but we’ve found that people who use Ninja Forms are passionately positive. THREE should only take that further.
  • 10,000 or less support tickets. This will also be challenging. As our user base grows more support requests seems inevitable. Our hope is that improvements to the software and the documentation may have a substantial impact.
  • 500k+ additional active installs for Ninja Forms. We’re trying to be modest. I really want to see us cross 1 million+ active installs by the end of 2016. We have some plans to assist this audacious goal, but it will be pretty impressive if we can accomplish it.
  • Improved business intelligence and automation. I’m going to leave this one a little vague as we’re still working out some of the finer details.

Well, that’s our past year and some of what you can expect from us in the one ahead. Hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to reading more of yours over the next week!