New Site Coming Soon

Things have been quiet lately as we have been working on a couple projects. One being Ninja Core which I mentioned last week. The other big one is that I’m redesigning and restructuring We launched this site in it’s current form at the beginning of December of last year. We had a plugin we […]

Ninja Pages, Categories, & Tags v1.2 is here!

Whenever I’m build a site and Using WordPress as a CMS there always seems to be some modifications I want to make to how pages are handled. Here are just a few… List child pages on a parent page Only display an excerpt for the child pages Add categories or tags to pages to enhance search Connect […]

Just a heads up…

Half of the WP Ninjas are at WordCamp Atlanta today and tomorrow. I tell you this in case you send us an email or submit a support ticket and wonder why our responses aren’t as fast as usual. Of course we will still attempt to be as lightening fast as our customers have come to expect […]

Stay informed about your favorite WP Ninjas products

This site is still very much under construction as we are deciding what services we want to focus on and what kind of content we want to share. One of the most important pieces of content is information about our products. The problem is that these don’t always necessitate the formality of an entire blog post. So […]