Ninja Forms Lite Now Available

We are excited to announce that late last night Ninja Forms Lite was made available in the WordPress Plugin Repository. This is a fully working version of Ninja Forms minus a few more advanced features that have been implemented or that are coming in future releases.

If you want to build great web forms for almost any purpose with an easy drag and drop interface, store the data submitted and export it as needed, and much more, then this is a the perfect WordPress plugin for you.

If this is all you need, look no further but if you are looking for more robust features take a look at Ninja Forms Pro. Think of the lite version as a great opportunity to try before you buy without any real limitations.

We hope you like it.

Ninja Forms v1.2.4 released

We were a little late to the party but we are finally pushing WordPress 3.3 compatibility release out the window. This release also comes with various bug fixes and a lot of streamlining.

If you have already purchased Ninja Forms, log-in and get your copy right away and if not, what are you waiting for?

Another exciting Ninja Forms announcement coming hopefully before the close of Monday. Stay tuned.

We’re back…

OK, so we never actually left and the site wasn’t down for very long. If you’ve been here before you be wondering what changed other than the design is pretty minimalist an there is a lot less content than there used to be. There is a method to our madness.

We have stripped everything down to the bare minimum so that we can start rebuilding with particular goals in mind. What are those goals? To build fantastic WordPress plugins and themes and provide excellent documentation and support for each of them.

We will also be writing tutorials and our thoughts about WordPress and who knows what else. But whatever it is it will be deliberate and focused. Or at least that’s the plan. I’ll be sharing more as we move forward but first the big transition that just took place.

Ninja Forms our WordPress form building plugin was brought over here to keep all of our products under one roof for simplicity and better support. Included in this transition we will be releasing a free version of Ninja Forms called Ninja Forms Lite. It will have many great features to fulfill you basic form building needs.

More to come…