Proud sponsor of Oblivion-X

We have been hard at work. Not as hard at work as we need to be on some of our plugin updates but hard at work none the less. Our main project at the moment is handling the web presence of the Oblivion-X website. We are handling hosting, design, development, Social Media and SEO for this great cause and we are excited to be a part of it.

Oblivion-X is a Haunted House in Tennessee with a mission to raise money to take 40+ children in economically disadvantaged situation on a Christmas shopping spree of sorts. It also plans to make a substantial donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland & Love146. There is definitely plenty of work for us to do but few as fulfilling as helping to make this project a huge success and knowing the impact we will have had on some many kids lives.

If you would like to support this great cause by becoming a sponsor, volunteering or simply helping promote the cause please don’t hesitate. It will be well worth your effort.