Recent Work Updated & more

It seems like every few months I have to write a post to say that we’re still here, alive, and working. The problem is, we are working, just not on this website very often. I’m trying to turn that corner but making myself sit down and write more content is my least favorite thing to do and so most of the time…I don’t.

So what have we been up to?

We worked on a couple websites…

We released a new free plugin…

Plus there are a few things that we are still working on and/or yet to be released…

  • Ninja Forms (Plugin)
  • Ninja Pages (plugin)
  • Church Helpr
  • A couple sites
  • Better support
  • A lot of dreams

It appears we have been keeping ourselves busy but I am trying to make writing some more tips and tutorials a greater priority moving forward. Perhaps I can get Kevin to do that as well.

More to come.