Get Pages to Show Up in Category & Tag Archives

In a previous post we shared how to Add Categories & Tags to WordPress Pages. But what good is that if WordPress doesn’t include pages into the category and tag archive pages. Depending on your specific implementation, not very much. This post used to include a code snippet to accomplish this but instead it would […]

What’s happening with the WP Ninjas?

Plenty! In fact we have somehow got ourselves fairly busy at the moment. One thing we want to do is keep everyone up to date with the state of things here at With this in mind I though I would share a list of projects that we are currently working on. – We […]

Add Excerpt Capability to WordPress Pages

So you want to add an excerpt box to your WordPress pages that uses the built-in the_excerpt() function that’s available for posts. WordPress doesn’t see this as proper standard practice and therefore doesn’t include this ability out of the box. And they’re right. Pages and posts are different but if you came up with a […]