Get Pages to Show Up in Category & Tag Archives

In a previous post we shared how to Add Categories & Tags to WordPress Pages. But what good is that if WordPress doesn’t include pages into the category and tag archive pages. Depending on your specific implementation, not very much.

This post used to include a code snippet to accomplish this but instead it would be easiest to just install our Ninja Pages, Categories, and Tags plugin. It gives you the ability to add categories and tags to pages and add those pages to your archives. It also gives you a few other options as well.

What’s happening with the WP Ninjas?

Plenty! In fact we have somehow got ourselves fairly busy at the moment. One thing we want to do is keep everyone up to date with the state of things here at With this in mind I though I would share a list of projects that we are currently working on.

  • – We are working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes.  Here are just a few.
    • Content & Design – As anyone fairly familiar with with WordPress can tell we are simply using the Twenty Ten theme that is the new default theme since the recent 3.0 update. We are working on content first and then we will turn our focus on sprucing up the design a bit.
    • The Dojo – Our desire to provide a free school of sorts where people of levels can develop their WordPress skill. We are starting with video on the very basics of getting a WordPress site installed and then learning how to use the features of that new site. We are recording plenty of screencasts and adding them as regularly as possible.
    • Plugins - We have already released two plugins and are working on a new gallery plugin that promises to be pretty cool. We need it for another project but we plan on releasing it free to the community.
    • Themes – We are currently working on some basic framework elements that will be used in all of our free themes. As soon as we get those done we plan on putting out a few themes for public consumption.
  • Site Redevelopment – We are currently in the process of rebuilding a site for a themeing sp? company using WordPress. They do awesome work and as soon as we’re done will let you know so you can check them out.
  • Pro Bono Web Design – Up to twice a year we have decided to do a website for a non-profit that could not otherwise afford our services. We have just started one such project.
  • Custom Web Application – Not everything we do is built with WordPress. Most of it is but there are exceptions. We are finalizing a contract to start work on a web application for customizing the design of fabrics. It’s going to be a lot of fun and we can’t wait to show it to you.
  • Webcomic – We handle all the digital work for a webcomic that posts three times a week so that requires a bit of invested time.
  • I also do some graphic design work from time to time and have currently taken on a wall mural design as well.
  • WordCamp Savannah – We are also going t0 our very first WordCamp starting tomorrow.

I’m sure I’m missing a few things but when you are doing so much it’s bound to happen. Stay tuned for more. ;)

Add Excerpt Capability to WordPress Pages

So you want to add an excerpt box to your WordPress pages that uses the built-in the_excerpt() function that’s available for posts. WordPress doesn’t see this as proper standard practice and therefore doesn’t include this ability out of the box. And they’re right. Pages and posts are different but if you came up with a way to do something that requires this ability you don’t care about that difference or “best practices”.

Fortunately, adding this to your particular WordPress theme is very easy. Simply copy and paste this code into your functions.php file in your theme directory and… voila!